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Trivandrum & Around: Rich Temples, Beaches & Coconut Trees

We had been planning to visit Kanyakumari for a long time, so when my brother was in Trivandrum for some training, we got a chance to visit him and also visit Kanyakumari. So we started off on a 3-day trip down south.

Day 0: We boarded the Trivandrum express from Bangalore at around 6:00 p.m.

Day 1: We woke up in the morning, and it was a really good sight outside with backwaters and coconut trees all around. We reached Trivandrum in the morning at around 11:00 a.m. After relaxing for a while, we went to the Thiruvallam backwaters, just on the outskirts of Trivandrum. We enjoyed a lazy boat ride to the seashore and spent some time in the sand watching the sea. We then came back and visited one of my aunts at the Ramakrishna Sarada Mission in Trivandrum. After spending an hour there, we set off towards the bus stand, where we met my brother, who came after his office. Trivandrum is not a typical capital city with hustle and bustle, and it looks like any small town.  We signed off for the day with this.    

Day 2: We went to the now richest temple in India, Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple. It is the main centre of attraction in Trivandrum, and in the ancient city, this was the centre point around which the whole city was built. There is a strict dress code for men and women who wish to enter the temple premises. The deity Vishnu in a reclining posture is a rare sight, and people from faraway places flock to this place to catch a glimpse of the Lord. There are three doorways offering a glimpse of the god from different positions, indicating how huge the idol is. The temple is also known for its 500 pillars, carvings, and paintings. There is a big Kalyani or tank outside called Padmateertham.

From here, we went to Kovalam Beach, which overlooks the Arabian Sea. The coconut trees, sun, and blue waters make it look very attractive. Also, the shallow waters stretching for hundreds of metres make it an ideal getaway for tourists. We also got into the act and enjoyed the waters at the beach. From here we went to Shangumugham Beach, which is very peaceful, and people come here to watch the sunset.

From here, we went to Veli Tourist Village, where we had a lake almost overlooking the sea. There are plenty of options to get involved with, like boating and horseback riding, and there are some good restaurants inside.

After lunch, we went to an indoor recreation club where there is a huge sculpture of Matsyakanya, or a mermaid. We spent the evening around this place and ended our trip to Trivandrum.

Article and photos by Arun Bharadwaj – https://www.thelightbaggage.com/ 

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