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Top 5 Adventure Sports Destinations in India

India is a land full of experiences, from pilgrimages to trying different cuisines to adventure sports. India’s geographical diversity and varied landscape make it an ideal destination for adventure sports in the lap of nature. 

Whether you’re a beginner looking to “dip your toe in the water,” so to speak, or a seasoned adventure sports pro, these 5 adventure sports destinations in India have something to offer for everyone.

Caving in Meghalaya: Meghalaya is heaven for cave lovers. Cavers from all over the world are thronging this northeastern state of India to explore these passages below the earth’s surface. Meghalaya is home to nine of the ten longest and deepest caves in India. Many of the caves are yet to be explored. These caves have opened a new tourism stream that was restricted to some isolated parts of the country like Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh. Exclusive cave exploration and trekking expeditions are organised on a regular basis by professionals and a large number of Indians are actively taking part. Caving has become a new trend in adventure sports in India and Meghalaya is the one and only destination that has a variety of exciting and rare caves to explore.

Caving in Meghalaya

Sky Diving in Mysuru: A sport that is high on thrill and excitement is still in its early stages in the country but is fast catching up as more and more operators are scouting new and suitable locations to set up their base. Mysuru, more known for its historical and cultural importance, is fast becoming a favourite destination for skydiving. Conducted by a professional organisation, 9000 to 10000 feet is the set height of the fall. The drop zone is adjacent to the airport, and the pleasant weather of the city is usually conducive to this stream of adventure sports.

Sky Diving in Mysuru

White River Rafting in Rishikesh: A city more known for its religious importance is also the location for one of the best white river rafting stretches of the country. The holiest river of our country, Ganga, rushing towards the plains creates three stretches of rapids of 9 kilometres, 16 kilometres and 27 kilometres respectively. The first two are for amateurs, and the third stretch is for professionals. These stretches, formed by the pristine waters, zigzag through beautiful landscapes, offering a ride full of fun and excitement on an inflated boat that gets splashed and sometimes thrashed by the gushing waters of the Ganga. The rafting at Rishikesh is preferred as they are safe and conducted on a holy river at a holy place.

White River Rafting in Rishikesh

Rock Climbing at Pachmarhi: Rock Climbing is a popular adventure sport worldwide and the craze for the same in India is no different. Rock climbing enthusiasts keep scourging new locations and challenges. One such place is located inside the Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve in Madhya Pradesh. It is not a long climb, nor is it tough. It is an exhilarating 85 feet climb that encompasses all the elements and thrills of a climb on one of the oldest rocks of the country set amongst the Satpura range of mountains with a panoramic view of the reserve all around.

Rock Climbing at Pachmarhi

Scuba Diving in Malvan: Located in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, Malvan town is a much-visited tourist center famous for its lovely beaches. The beaches here have full-fledged water sports facilities. But the one beach where those tourists who are adventure oriented head towards Dandi beach about 4 kilometres away from Malvan. This beach has both the terrain and facility for Scuba diving activities. The dive takes place near an island on which the historical Sindhudurg Fort is located, about 5 kilometres off the coast. The crystal clear waters of the reefs make up for a great scuba diving session in one of the offbeat locations of the country.

Scuba Diving in Malvan

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