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Five Beautiful Beaches of Maharashtra

Five Beautiful Beaches of Maharashtra

Maharashtra, located in western India, boasts a stunning coastline with an array of gorgeous beaches. From the bustling city beaches of Mumbai to the tranquil stretches of sand in the rural areas, there is a beach for everyone in this diverse state. In addition to their natural beauty, many of Maharashtra’s beaches also have a rich cultural heritage, with nearby temples and forts that offer a glimpse into the state’s rich history.

Dahanu: Located in northern Maharashtra, closer to the border with Gujarat, at the foothills of the Sahyadri range of mountains, this beach is favoured by many tourists for the pleasure of long drives and for the appeal of the place. The beach stands out for its clean surroundings. It is a pure picnic place with plenty of amenities and facilities for tourists. The sea throws up plenty of trash on the shores, especially during the high tide of the rainy season, and this should not be confused with the trash thrown by tourists. The beach, along with the nearby Bordi Beach, make great twin locations to visit. The drive to these beaches is long from the main cities, but the drive passes through some of the best locations of the western ghats. The twin beaches are located about 140 kilometres from Mumbai in the Palghar district.


Kashid Beach: One of the spectacular beaches is located between two large masses of rocks jutting out into the sea. Located in the district of Raigad, the beach is about 130 kilometres away from Mumbai. The approximately 3 kilometres long beach is as scenic as an ideal beach could be. The various tourist facilities like water sports, overnight camping, and other activities keep an enterprising tourist busy. The spectacular beach with clean, blue, shallow waters is a great place for long walks and family get-togethers.

Kashid Beach

Shrivardhan Beach: This beautiful beach is about 3.5 kilometres long and is shaped like a sickle. The presence of a hill on one side has added great visual appeal to the beach. The other end of the beach has marshes and an estuary of mangroves formed by a couple of incoming streams. Beyond all the tourist facilities, if the tourists are enterprising enough to enjoy the mangroves, then this beach makes for a great vacation. The sea, beach, and mangroves are a unique combination for tourism. Located in the Raigad district, the beach is 120 kilometres away from Alibag, the district headquarters, and about 180 kilometres away from Mumbai.

Shrivardhan Beach

Ganapatipule Beach: This lovely beach is located about 330 kilometres away from Mumbai in the Ratnagiri district and about 25 kilometres away from Ratnagiri. It is one of the famous tourist places in South Maharashtra. The hill overlooking the beach is a fantastic place to view the sunset. There is a Ganesh temple on the beach. One end of the beach has a hill stretching into the sea, and on the other side, a river merges with the sea. For a short distance, the river flows parallel to the sea, and the land in between is a great place to spend the evenings.

Ganapatipule Beach

Aksa Beach: If you are in Mumbai and want to rest and relax on a quiet and sandy beach not far away, then Aksa Beach is an ideal getaway. Located close to the suburb of Malad, a drive of about 25 minutes. The beach is often frequented by family crowds that want to get away from the maddening crowds of the city. Situated between outstretched land masses and the sea, this stretch of three beaches is tranquil, scenic, and soothing.

Aksa Beach

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