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A Visit to Kuskem Waterfall

It was monsoon time in 2013, and the rains took some time than usual to arrive. It was already August, and we were itching to get out into the lap of nature. It was a tough task to find a suitable place to visit. As the rains had arrived only a couple of weeks ago, we wanted to make sure that there was at least some decent amount of water in the waterfall we would be visiting.

After a few phone calls, we zeroed in on Kuskem Falls, near Canacona in Goa State. A detour on the Karwar-Canacona road leads to Kuskem, a picturesque village situated at the base of the western ghats. A couple of streams flowing through the village play their part in enhancing its beauty quotient, as do the paddy fields.

Initially, the path treads along the edge of the fields and then enters the bushes and continues further up. After about 7 minutes, the track enters the forest. These forests are home to some of the tallest trees that I have ever seen. For the next 10 minutes, the path is a visual treat for tree lovers. Soon we started to hear the slight roar of the waterfall and reached the stream. The next couple of minutes were spent walking along the cascading waters with the waterfall visible up ahead, and it was a beautiful sight.

There was more than enough water in the stream, and the waterfall made a single jump of about 120 feet before crashing into the rocks below. Some of our adventurous companions made their way to the base of the waterfall, risking those dangerous rocks, and enjoyed a fine water massage.

A waterfall actually looks pleasant when it has just enough water, as was the case that day. It allows the visitors to play in the water and enjoy the time. When the water level is too high, the waterfall, if accessible, presents a fearsome sight, a far cry from being pleasant.

Located about 30 kilometres from Canacona in South Goa, this waterfall is thronged by nature lovers and casual tourists. If one is looking for a peaceful time, then the place is a disappointment. It is a well-known tourist spot and a favourite among all types of tourists, especially the family crowd. On weekdays, there may be some solitude. 

When we visited, there was no entry fee, and the villagers too did not bother us. But our friends who visited recently were charged a nominal amount of ₹ 20 by the villagers. Nonetheless, it is a great place to enjoy the forest, water, and scenic village.

Article and Photos: Rajesh Naik

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