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5 Best Destinations to Celebrate New Year in India

We must ring in the New Year in style, and what better way to do so than by traveling to these breathtaking locations in India to celebrate? Here are the top 5 destinations to make note of!

Bengaluru: A metropolitan city that is home to people from many parts of the country and has imbibed the cultures and traditions from all over, is a vibrant place to celebrate the year’s end and welcome the new year. The multicultural population of the city enjoys partying and welcomes the party-loving crowd with open arms. The numerous late-night and special night-long parties organized throughout the city are a big attraction among party lovers. In addition to all the party mix, the city is home to various monuments and other tourist attractions that would keep a traveler busy during a year-end holiday tour.

Goa: The quintessential destination in India to celebrate the onset of a new year is Goa. The tiny state has wrapped itself in a cultural evolution that has hangovers from Portuguese and British colonialism, which in turn has led to the blossoming of a tourism industry centered on parties, beaches, and new year celebrations. New Year is the biggest attraction of Goa tourism. Beaches, river banks, city centers, and other popular locations are all decked out with attractive lighting facilities, and the celebrations reach a crescendo as the new year approaches. Apart from new year gusto, Goa is one of the best tourist locations in the country, which aids in making a trip to the state memorable.

Diu: An island that is emerging as a favored location for tourists, it is a great place to go on a New Year’s celebration trip. As a Union Territory, the place has its own advantages through the relaxation of certain rules and regulations. These relaxations in addition to some great beaches play an important role in its success as a tourist destination. Over the years, Diu has slowly grown and blossomed through development and infrastructure. Historical monuments, sanctuaries, and beaches, apart from the vibrant New Year celebrations, would make a great year-end trip.

Gulmarg: If you want to welcome the new year by rolling over in the snow with the winter chill adding extra thrill, then Gulmarg is the best destination for you! Couples usually prefer Gulmarg as a new year’s destination for the tranquility and thrill it provides. Skiing, cable car rides, trekking, and other snow activities all make for a great tour. Welcome the new year hour by throwing snowballs at each other with your near and dear ones to have a memorable new year trip that would remain etched forever. The small parties and get-togethers conducted in the comfort of cozy locations are a great attraction as well.

Varanasi: This iconic city is one complete volume encompassing all that is related to the culture, civilization, heritage, and history of our great country. Our dharma is the very foundation on which a strong India is built and racing ahead without dithering from the values and ethics propagated by the same. The land of Baba Vishwanath has recently rediscovered more than 75 beautiful ancient temples, which have enhanced the dharmic and tourism values of the city. If you are on the lookout for a New Year’s holiday wherein you would want to go through an enriching dharmic experience that would educate and rejuvenate your heart, mind, and soul, Varanasi is the one place in India. The city, also known as Kashi, has the vibrancy of India’s civilizational ethos and cultural values that can be seen and felt every moment.

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