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5 Best Beaches Of Odisha

Odisha is located on the eastern coast of India and is known for two things: its beautiful Kalinga temples and picturesque beaches. The beaches here are serene, pristine, and beautiful. Some of the beaches are exclusive spots earmarked by Olive Ridley tortoises to lay their eggs. The state is a treasure trove of beaches with lovely surroundings. Here are the five best beaches in the state. From the charming to the bustling to the serene to the quiet, Odisha has beaches to suit every kind of tourist.

Puri Beach: Located in the holy city of Puri, the beach is one of the most famous beaches in Odisha. The beach is known for beautiful sunris, apart from the relaxing evening strolls. The beach also hosts the annual Puri Beach Festival, held during the month of November. This festival is the most anticipated event that showcases the culture and heritage of Odisha and is one of the most visited events.

Puri Beach

Konark Beach: Located near the famous heritage site of Sun Temple, Konark Beach is another beautiful beach site in Odisha. This beach is known for its clean waters and golden sand and is a fantastic place to unwind. Most of the tourists who visit the Sun Temple make it a point to spend the evenings at this beach. The annual Konark Dance Festival is conducted on this beach during the month of December. This dance festival showcases all the classical dance forms of India.

Konark Beach

Chandipur Beach: It is one of the unique beaches in the state. It is popularly known as the “disappearing beach.” The beach is known for its unique tidal patterns, where the water recedes up to 5 kilometres during low tide. This natural phenomenon leaves behind a vast expanse of sand until the high tide appears many hours later. This beach is a great place to watch some of the busy marine creatures like crabs, starfish, jellyfish, and many others.

Chandipur Beach

Gopalpur Beach: Situated in the southern part of the state, it is a beautiful beach thronged by visitors all the time. While other beaches have nearby attractions that contribute to tourist visits, this beach draws visitors based solely on its charm and beauty. Known for its tranquil surroundings and cool breeze, the beach is a great getaway for tourists looking forward to some quiet time. The annual beach festival is organised by the local administration. This event attracts a large number of tourists, who plan their visits to enjoy this annual event.

Gopalpur Beach

Ramchandi Beach: It is another unique beach in the state. An ancient temple of a goddess is seen on the banks of the Kushabhadra River. The river flows parallel to the sea for about 3 kilometres before merging with it, creating a small estuary. Though the long sea beach exists, it has to be accessed through a boat ride across the Kushabhadra. But the unique attraction of the place is that the Kushabhadra bank near the ancient temple is itself a beach with all the amenities. Water sports activities are conducted here.

Ramchandi Beach

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