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5 beaches to explore in West Bengal

Shankarpur Beach: A long and beautiful beach that has the River Champa for company for a short distance before it forms an estuary at one end of the beach while merging with the sea. Located in the East Medinipur district, about 170 km from Kolkata, the beach has a forest patch that runs parallel to it. More people have come to the beach to enjoy the peaceful waters and scenic setting since a park was constructed there. The fishing port on the Champa River is a short walk from the beach, with fishermen busy hauling in their catch. A clean beach with calm winds is a great combination you’d encounter at Shankarpur. 

Shankarpur Beach

Bakkhali Beach: This beach is located about 120 km away from Kolkata in the district of South 24 Parganas. This lovely beach is formed at the head of a piece of land that has jutted out into the sea. With mangroves, eco-parks and sunrise points around the beach, it is a great place to spend time with family. Its location close to the Sundarbans also makes it a naturally blessed landscape. If you fancy a boat ride, take a boating trip to Jambu Dweep, an island in the middle of the sea. A watchtower on a nearby island is worth a visit as well.

Bakkhali Beach

Tajpur Beach: Located in the East Medinipur district of the state at about 170 km from Kolkata, this beach is part of a beautiful stretch that teems with tourists of late. Once not known to many, this beach is now frequented regularly by locals as well as tourists. You would love the trees lined up along the beach, with shallow waters inviting a swim. It is a great visual treat to have the thick forest on one side and the calm waters of the sea on the other. The beach will forever be etched in your mind, what with the seagulls and the ubiquitous red crabs.

Tajpur Beach

Mandarmani Beach: This famous beach is located about 170 km from Kolkata in the district of East Medinipur. This beach is famous for being the longest drive-in beach in the country, at 13 kilometers in length. The beach, with its natural settings, provides one of the best sunrise views in the state of West Bengal. The clean beach has enough temptation to roll over in the sand and the waves. Sea bathing, sunbathing, and long walks are the activities that you would enjoy at the beach without much interference from anyone, as the long beach has enough space for everyone.

Mandarmani Beach

Udaipur Beach: Located about 180 km from Kolkata, this beach comes under the East Medinipur district. If you’re looking for a vacation that allows for both relaxation and exploration, then the long, quiet beach is the place to go. The vast areas that extend into the nearby state of Odisha have enough places to entice the explorer in you to go on a long walk. The stunning morning sunrise and the bluish evening reflections on the wet sand are unforgettable sights.

Udaipur Beach