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February 2023

Trip Details: I always wanted to travel to Sikkim, a small and beautiful state in northeastern India. Finally got a chance in April 2011. After doing a lot of research, we finalised an itinerary that would suit our budget and time constraints, which looks as follows: Day 0: After a half-day in the office, I boarded

Sompalyam is around 160 kilometres from Bangalore and is in Chittoor District of AP. This temple can be reached from Bangalore via Hosakote -Chintamani-Kothakota. We left at 4 a.m. so we could reach there by 7:30 a.m.  The first striking feature of this temple is the 52-foot-high ornamental Dhwajastambha, highlighting the brilliance of the Vijayanagara

-Rashmi Samant Welcome to the wholesome culinary world of Udupi, a small town in the southern state of Karnataka, India, that is renowned for its unique vegetarian cuisine. It is popularly believed that parts of this famous cuisine, which has become a worldwide phenomenon today, has its origins in the famous Sri Krishna Temple of

When I first visited the Morena region nearly fifteen years ago, with a focus on the sites of Mitaoli, Padhawali, Bateshwar and Kakanmath, those sites were little-known. Today, while those four see plenty of visitors, not just from nearby Gwalior but also from the national capital, it is time to talk of the larger

It was in the monsoon of 2006 that I first made the journey to Mitaoli. Back then, the drive from Gwalior took longer, parts of the road’s last stretch resembled Balakot after an IAF visit, the destination could not be found on GPS and only few locals had even heard of the place. Fourteen years

Ramanathapura, was an ancient religious place located on the bank of the river Kaveri and is considered one of the famous pilgrimages. There are many temples in the village, and all are built in Dravidian style. The ancient Ramanathapura village is also known as Samvartakapuri, Vahnikapura, and Tretapura. Sri. Vyasaraya swamy from Sosale Mutt established

River islands are one of the most beautiful creations of the natural world. They are formed when sediment from the river accumulates and creates a landmass in the middle of the river. India has some of the most scenic river islands in the world and is also home to the largest and smallest river

One of the most important deities in the Hindu pantheon, Lord Shiva is worshipped for his strength, power, knowledge, and for being the bearer of good fortune and spiritual liberation. Several statues of Lord Shiva are found in India, depicting him in various forms and manifestations and often featuring intricate carvings and decorations, adorned