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Temples Of Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

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Bhubaneshwar is a populous city that is an industrial hub, an economic centre of Odisha state, and it is also one of the very few planned cities in the country. At the outset, a tourist may not find anything appealing. But if you are a history, art, and temple enthusiast, then all you have to do is just scratch the surface. A beautiful world of magnificently unique Kalinga architecture opens up. Once known as the ‘‘Land of 1000 Temples’’, Bhubaneshwar now has about twenty of these marvellous creations left. Take a stroll in the old part of the city, and these beauties will come in your path one by one, rejuvenating the art lover in you, enthralling the architecture enthusiast in you and amazing the history buff in you. Built during the 8th and 13th-century timeline, these timeless torchbearers of the Kalinga architecture continue to shine on. Make sure you visit Bhubaneshwar and enjoy some quiet fulfilling moments with an ancient temple style that is endemic to Odisha. August to March is the best time to visit Bhubaneshwar. It is well connected by road, rail and air from Kolkata.
Temples Of Bhubaneshwar

Nearby Places to See

Mukteshwara Temple
Another beautiful temple in the by-lanes of the city. It has lost a major chunk of its exterior, with only the entrance arch remaining. But the richness of the main structure and the tower clearly give a clue regarding what a grandiose temple it was. This 10th century temple has intricate designs and beautiful sculptures.
Mukteshwara Temple
Parashurameshwara Temple
Parashurameshwara Temple
What a beautiful standalone temple it is! A tall tower topped by an attractive finial with the flat roof of the mantapa in the front. The walls of the mantapa have a series of miniature sculptures all over the surface, including those of Saptamatrikas and various forms of Shiva.
Lingaraj Temple Complex
Ananta Vasudeva Temple
This temple, dedicated to Bhagawan Krishna, was built during the 13th century. It is a rare Vaishnava temple in the midst of Shaiva temples and was probably built when the Shaivite influence was waning. It is said that the temple offers afternoon meals to visitors, and the ingredients used are the ones originally prepared when the temple was constructed.
Ananta Vasudeva Temple
Other Temples
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