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Sirpur Group Of Temples, Chhattisgarh

Been there recently?

Ever visited a city that suddenly disappeared from ancient records only to re-emerge 7 centuries later? Ever wondered why such culturally rich places that were great capital cities promoting art, culture, and religions reappear at all? It is because people, cities, and time may vanish, but not the culture and heritage they leave behind. A thriving city named ‘Shripur’ that rose step by step from the 4th to the 8th century to become a famous commercial and religious hub, vanished suddenly in the 12th century only to reappear brick by brick from 1892. If you are a tourist inclined to history, then goosebumps are guaranteed at Sirpur, where in 2003 as many as 184 mounds were marked and subsequent excavations have revealed 27 temples, 10 Buddha viharas, and 3 Jain viharas, apart from a market site and bath house. This is just the beginning for Sirpur, as there is more to come as large parts of the ancient city are still under the rubble. A look at the quietly flowing Mahanadi River and you would know that the river is smiling as it is watching the slow resurrection of a city it watched vanish.
Sirpur Group Of Temples

Nearby Places to See

Surang Tila
It is a unique temple complex with 5 sanctums. Shiva is worshipped in 3 sanctums and Vishnu in the remaining two. This temple made of white stone was excavated in 2006. It is one of the most important excavations, with the first floor, staircase, and the sanctums giving important insights into the temple architecture of ancient Shripur.
Surang Tila
Lakshman Temple
Buddha Viharas
Buddha Viharas
Swastik Vihar, excavated in 1950, was the place of meditation for the Buddhist monks in ancient Sirpur. Another Buddhist vihara at Sirpur is the Ananda Prabhu Kuti Vihara, which has 14 rooms. Teevar Dev is the third Buddhist vihara excavated at Sirpur. Its walls are made of brick, and the door jambs have exquisite sculptures depicting great artisanship.
ASI Museum
Located near the Lakshman temple, the museum houses idols and many other items found during excavation. The museum gives a clear idea about the religions that were practised in ancient Sirpur.
Site of Ancient Market
This is a great place to visit. It gives a clear idea as to how the markets were built nearly 1500 years ago. Large in detail, plenty of space, neatly built rows with platforms to keep the goods, temples for the traders to pray, and bathing stations. It is a market we cannot even visualise in today’s world.
Gandheshwar Temple
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