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Full of Surprises

Known for its beautiful landscapes and rich cultural heritage, Chattisgarh is quickly becoming one of India’s most visited states. Here live India’s oldest tribes, some of which date back nearly 10,000 years. Chattisgarh is a sample of ancient India because of the fusion of local and tribal people’s cultural practices, artistic expressions, and religious beliefs. Chhattisgarh is one of those undiscovered tourist destinations in India that is slowly becoming popular through word-of-mouth traveller recommendations.

A Unique Biodiversity

Chhattisgarh has everything you could want in a perfect vacation destination, including countless thundering waterfalls, historic monuments and temples, lush forests, a wide variety of plant and animal life, and a culture that is rooted in the state’s long and storied past.

Many of the caves and monuments found in Chhattisgarh attest to the extraordinary skill of the region’s local architects and craftspeople. Tourists can go on safaris and hike through verdant forests, taking in the sights and sounds of a wide variety of flora and fauna. The lush vegetation and cascading waterfalls in the state’s hilly regions are a sight to behold. The Kailash cave, hidden in the dense forest near the Tirathgarh waterfalls, is a relic of Chhattisgarh’s past.