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Satara, Maharashtra

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Located on the plains but at the foothills of the Western Ghats, at the place where the Venna River joins the Krishna River, Satara is rich with natural scenic hot spots. The rivers gushing down from the Western Ghats have created fertile land with meadows and plateaus richly decorating them with greenery. During monsoons and days just after, the place teems with nature lovers. The Kaas plateau in the district is a UNESCO world heritage site that blooms during the monsoon. On the historical front, the Marathas chose this city as their capital. At the Satara Fort itself, the coronation of the grandson of one of the greatest kings of India, Chatrapati Shivaji, took place. Since fort construction on the toughest of the hills is a Maratha expertise, there are forts galore for adventure lovers. Satara has all the attractions for all types of tourists. Plan your itinerary in Satara and enjoy a great holiday in this historic city. August to February is a great time to visit Satara. It is located about 110 kilometres from Pune and approximately 250 kilometres from Mumbai. It is well connected by rail routes. Lohegaon airport near Pune is the nearest airport approximately 120 kilometres away.

Nearby Places to See

Satara Fort
Built during the 16th century by the Marathas, it is located on the Ajinkyatara mountain, about 3 kilometres from the city and at more than 3000 feet above sea level. There are some temples near the fort.
Chatrapati Shivaji Museum
The museum, inaugurated in 1970, has four main sections namely weapons, paintings, inscriptions, and textiles, each showcasing the rich collection.
Char Bhinti
It is a historical place located on an elevated place from which the entire city of Satara and all the approaches to the city are visible. It was built during the early decades of the 19th century to keep an eye on invaders. At present, it is a place of remembrance of people who laid down their lives for the freedom struggle of India.
There are many ancient temples in the city. Important among them are the Dholya Ganapati Temple, the Mahuli Temple, and the Dakshin Kashi Shiv Temple.
Kaas Plateau
Located at about 3700 feet above sea level, this protected area of about 10 square kilometres takes on a magical form during the monsoons. With more than 800 plants, it is flower time, and there are flowers all over, and the plateau turns colourful. Located about 25 kilometres away from Satara, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is one must-see place.
Thoseghar Waterfall
Located approximately 25 kilometres from the city in Thoseghar village, it is a waterfall of about 300 feet height that roars down into a beautiful valley. It is a famous picnic spot. The stream has enough water resources to sustain the waterfall until October.
Sajjangad Fort
Located on the way to the Thoseghar Waterfall, this fort is believed to have been built between the 14th and the 16th centuries. Samadhi of a Swamiji is in the temple and the trust in charge of the samadhi manages the fort. Located 20 kilometres away from the town, visitors have to ascend nearly 200 steps to reach the fort door.
Kalyangad Fort
Situated 24 kilometres from the city, this fort at more than 3500 feet above sea level was built during the 17th century. A hike of about an hour from the Nandgiri village is required to reach the fort. The cave with multiple gateways has bastions and a good source of water.
Meruling Temple
The Shiva temple located about 25 kilometres from the town is a must-visit for ancient temple lovers. It has some of its outer structures in neglect. A climb to the hill overlooking the temple known as the viewpoint offers some great views of the area.
Bhambavli Vajrai Waterfall
Located in the village of Bhambavali, about 28 kilometres from Satara, this is a multi-tiered fabulous waterfall. It is difficult to approach the nearly 600 feet tall waterfall in monsoon and is to be watched from a viewpoint.
Chandan – Vandan Forts
These twin forts located on adjacent hills are located at Banwadi village about 25 kilometres from Satara. These hills are the favourite destinations of trekkers.