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Gateway To The Heart Of India

Located in western India, Maharashtra is the third largest state and home to India’s second largest population. Its proximity to the Western Ghats provides a stunning mountainous backdrop on one side, while the beautiful Konkan coastal belt frames the other with its white beaches.

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Maharashtra is the land of limitless possibilities and a widespread plethora of attractions. The ancient ruins of forts and palaces, including those in Ratnagiri and Pune, proudly tell the tale of Maharashtra’s powerful kings of old. Temples built centuries ago in locations like Pandharpur, Ozar, are still firmly rooted in their traditions and provide a haven for pilgrims. The small hill towns of Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala, and Matheran, tucked snugly into nature, offer travellers a break from the bustle of the cities.

There is much ado about Maharashtra’s culture because its residents come from a wide variety of backgrounds and traditions, and while the state has always been deeply rooted in the Marathi language and culture, it has gracefully embraced the many other traditions that have made them feel at home here. The city of Mumbai, India’s financial capital, is located here, so the region is well-known not only for its history, traditional arts, and way of life, but also for its thriving economy. This is the centre of Indian popular culture, and it is also the birthplace of the Bollywood film. The combination of all these different things this state has to offer will make your trip here absolutely worthwhile.

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