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Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

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This district headquarters on the Konkan coast, known for its very own brand of the king of fruits-Mango, named ‘Ratnagiri Hapus’, is a fantastic tourist destination for all seasons. The mix of heritage, adventure, divinity, history, and nature is too inviting to ignore for anyone looking for a good getaway. The fascinating countryside of Ratnagiri is a marvellous place to venture into. The town has left a rich legacy in the freedom struggle of India, and the history of the place makes for an invigorating narrative for history buffs. The city was once considered an isolated place because of the unscalable natural barriers surrounding it and it is for this very reason that the areas of the district bordering Kolhapur and Pune districts are sought-after destinations for nature lovers. It is a heady mix of tourism elements that makes Ratnagiri stand apart. Ratnagiri is located about 320 kilometres from Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra state, and is well connected by rail route and by air as well.

Nearby Places to See


Ratnadurg Fort
The perimetre of the 16th-century fort, which covers roughly 125 acres, is heavily fortified. Since the Bhagavati (Durga) Devi temple is located within the fort, locals commonly refer to it as the Bhagavati fort.
Thiba Palace
The last king of Burma, Thibaw Min, along with his wife and two daughters, were granted permission to live in exile at the stunning Thiba Palace. In 1906, construction began on this magnificent structure.
Tilak Ali Museum
Ratnagiri, India, is home to the Tilak Ali Museum, which preserves the home where the famous freedom fighter was born. Lokilometresanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, a freedom fighter, grew up in a house that is now a museum. His triumphs and tragedies are artfully displayed in the museum.
Ratnagiri Marine Fish Museum
A must-see for any visitor to Ratnagiri is the Marine Fish Museum, which has been displaying its collection of fish and other marine life since 1985. Marine and freshwater animals of all shapes and sizes are on display. The museum’s main attraction is a full-size whale skeleton.
Ganpatipule Temple
About 24 kilometres from Ratnagiri is the small fishing village of Ganapatipule, home to a revered ancient temple dedicated to the god Ganapati. In addition to the village itself, the long stretches of beach in the area are major hotspots.
Jaigad Fort
This tiny fort is on the riverbanks in Jaigad town, about 45 kilometres from Ratnagiri and 20 kilometres from Ganpatipule. Facing the point where the river and the ocean meet, stunning vistas of the surrounding villages can be seen from the fort. Many ancient structures can be viewed inside the fort, apart from a Devi temple.
Jaigad Lighthouse
In addition to Jaigad Fort and the Jal Binayak Temple, another great destination is the Jaigad Lighthouse, which can be found on a cliff by the shore just 5 kilometres away.
From Ratnagiri in the north to Jaidurg in the east, and from Ganeshgule village in the south to the west, you’ll find a long string of gorgeous and well-known beaches. Some of the best beaches in the region are located near the cities of Ganpatipule, Bhatye, Malgund, Mirkarwada, Mandvi, Velneshwar, and Ratnagiri. There are pristine beaches tucked away all along the coast.
Ranpat Waterfalls
Near the village of Ranpat, about 22 kilometres from Ratnagiri, is a seasonal waterfall known as the Ranpat Waterfalls. You can reach the waterfall after a short walk through the woods near the village, heading in the direction of the train tracks.


Things to Buy

Things to buy include Hapus Mango (seasonal), Hapus Mango pulp, Dry fruits, Jack, fruit delicacies (seasonal), Ambapuli (dried mango), Seashells, Artefacts.

Foods to Relish

Modak (A round shaped dish with stuffings), Kombdi Vade (prepared from rice and chicken), Solkadhi (Kokum drink with spices).