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Monuments of mandu, Madhya pradesh

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Kakra Khoh Waterfall
It is a town in the Vindhya Mountain range, dotted with protected monuments. The once-ruined city now has more than 60 protected monuments that include forts, caves, stepped wells, lakes, and palaces, among other monuments. For admirers of the Indo-Islamic style of architecture, Mandu is the place to visit. It is a surreal feeling walking around the city, as the well-maintained ancient structures that crop up at every corner seem alive with life. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is inside a fortified wall, 37 kilometres long, that had 12 entrance points. Some of its remains give goosebumps to history-loving visitors. For the ease of tourists, the 60-odd monuments are divided into three groups. Important monuments at Mandu are the Jahaz Mahal, Rani Roopmati Pavilion, Rani Roopmati Palace, Hindola Mahal, Baz Bahadur Palace, and the 3 remaining doorways of the fortified wall. Mandu, also known as Mandav, is about 100 kilometres from Indore, one of the larger cities of Madhya Pradesh State. Indore is also the nearest rail and air link.

Nearby Places to See

Kakra Khoh Waterfall
Located 6 kilometres away from Mandu, this seasonal waterfall of about 80 feet height disappears into a lush green valley thick with heavy foliage cover after falling over a rocky ledge.
Kakra Khoh Waterfall
Songarh Fort
Jahangirpur Gate
Located 8 kilometres away from Mandu, it is a defence structure that was constructed to keep a watch on the invaders. Located on a high plateau overlooking the plains, it served as an entry point into the kingdom of Mandu. The steps leading to the gate are in shambles. Even the gate has its roof down, and only the structures on either side are standing.
Jhanvar/ Jhavar Valley
This valley, located about 40 kilometres from Mandu, is a great getaway into the abode of nature. Grasslands, cascading rivers, rock beds, and small hills invite tourists to the valley to spend some leisurely time.
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