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Haflong, Assam

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Perched in between the hill ranges at approximately 2100 feet above sea level, it is Assam’s only hill station. Surrounded by hill ranges, forests, and valleys, the city was identified by the colonial rulers as one of the summer getaways. If you wish to travel in Assam and spend a couple of days in a hill station, Haflong is the only option. The natural surroundings of the place will entice you to take a long walk beyond the city limits. The lone traveller in you should enjoy these quiet moments with nature. Though it sounds like any other normal hill station, it is secluded by the hills from the populous regions of the plains. The culture and the ambience are a tad different. You will have the great advantage of experiencing the cultures and traditions of two states in one place.
Haflong, Assam

Nearby Places to See

This small village, located about 5 kilometres from Haflong, is famous for bird watching. The place is popular because of the birds, but is even more popular for the mysterious phenomenon of mass suicide acts that the birds commit on a regular basis. This was later attributed to the bamboo poles erected by the villagers to protect themselves from the birds swooping down, as they believed them to be spirits coming to harm them. The villagers are being advised to remove the bamboo poles, but they are reluctant to do so. Nonetheless, for bird lovers, it is a great place to spend a couple of days.
lake at haflong
Borail Wildlife Sanctuary
This sanctuary is located approximately 105 kilometres from Haflong. The sanctuary has 3 types of macaques – Assamese, Stump tailed, and pig tailed. Spread over an area of 325 square kilometres, the sanctuary is also home to many animals and flora.
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