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Fatehpur Sikri, Uttar Pradesh

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Fatehpur Sikri
The famous Fatehpur Sikri is located near the Taj Mahal city of Agra, in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. In the latter half of the 16th century, it was a fortified city that served as the seat of the Mughal Empire. However, according to historical accounts, Fatehpur Sikri was only inhabited for 14 years before being totally abandoned at the beginning of the 16th century. Currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this ancient city is one of Agra’s most visited tourist attractions. It was constructed using red sandstone. Fatehpur Sikri means “the city of victory.” Fatehpur Sikri, a city perched on a rocky ridge, is steeped in rich folklore. The monuments of Fatehpur Sikri are filled with tales and anecdotes from the Middle Ages. For instance, the blind man’s buff, or Aankh Michauli, is thought to have been where the emperor played the eponymous game, blind man’s buff, with his queens. A huge sandstone courtyard nearby is called Pachisi and features a life-sized replica of the popular Indian board game. The Jama Masjid, one of India’s largest mosques, was built in 1648 AD by Jahanara Begum, a descendant of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, and features Iranian architectural influences. The tomb of Salim Chishti, which is central to the tale of Fatehpur Sikri, stands out against the city’s red sandstone as a white oasis.

Nearby Places to See

Keoladeo National Park
It was formerly known as the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and is located in Rajasthan, 27 kilometres from Fatehpur Sikri. It was developed in the 18th century for the kings and British to go on private game hunts. It was designated as a bird sanctuary in 1976 and a national park in 1992. More than 350 bird species have been recorded in this protected area, which is 29 square kilometres large. Of these, 230 are residents and the remaining are migratory. In 1985, UNESCO designated it as a world heritage site due to its significance as a bird breeding and feeding area. The local villagers serve as guides for the many bird lovers who come to the area. The park’s name is derived from the name of a historic Bhagavan Shiva temple that is situated there.
Keoladeo National Park
Bharatpur Palace
This 1850s-era palace is about 23 kilometres from Fatehpur Sikri. The royal family of Bharatpur resided in the fort. There is a museum housed inside the magnificently created and royally constructed fort. The museum exhibits a vast collection of sculptures and artefacts.
Bharatpur Palace
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