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Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, Uttar pradesh

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Established in 1958 as a national park, Dudhwa became a tiger reserve in the year 1979. Spread across an area of more than 800 square kilometres, the tiger reserve has a healthy tiger population of 58 as of 2021. The varied landscape of the reserve is a great habitat for the tiger to thrive. The proper prey management by the reserve officials and effective reserve management by the government have helped the park to survive, and in turn, the park has shot up in terms of tourist priority, thereby generating revenue for the government. The location of the park close to the Himalayas at the Nepal border and the proximity of 2 more picturesque sanctuaries have added more resources and value to the reserve. Over the years, many tourists have made use of the safari rides, and the increasing tiger population clubbed with their sightings is generating more traffic to the park. November to May is a great time to visit the park. Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is located 215 kilometres from Lucknow, capital of Uttar Pradesh. Shahjahanpur, about 105 kilometres away is the nearest rail head. Lucknow is the nearest airport.
Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

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Activities at the park
Apart from the Jeep safari, the park also offers camping and photography facilities. Elephant ride is available depending on the availability of the jumbos. Boating is arranged in one of the sanctuaries attached to the reserve.
Activities at the park
Dudhwa Museum
Located within the park, it is a small museum giving plenty of information regarding the history of the park and its occupants, both flora and fauna.
Frog temple
Located in the city of Oel approximately 90 kilometres from the park, is a temple dedicated to Frog. Built around the year 1860 and called the Mendak Mandir (Frog Temple), it is built in the shape of a large frog, with the entrance created below the face of the frog. A temple of Shiva is seen behind.
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