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Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh

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Located on the eastern end of the Satpura range of hills and forests, Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve is known to have the highest tiger density. Many tigers have died in the last 20 years, and 50% of these deaths were due to poaching, electrocution, vehicle accidents, and revenge by villagers. But to the credit of the park officials and guards, the tiger population has risen and the number of unnatural deaths has reduced. The tiger population stands at around an impressive tally of 52 (estimated) as of 2021. The place has historic rumblings, as evident from the ruined fort seen within the park. Recent excavations have unearthed elements that prove human habitation 2000 years ago. Bandhavagarh was ruled successively for over a century by different dynasties, and the fort stands as a proof of its glorious past. Declared a National Park in 1968, it became a Tiger Reserve in 1993, and the core area is around 700 square kilometres. It is often said that “at other tiger reserves, if you are lucky, you’ll spot a tiger, but at Bandhavgarh, if you do not spot a tiger, you are unlucky.” That’s the fame of Bandhavgarh and its tiger density.

Nearby Places to See


Badi Gufa
Within the tiger reserve is a cave known as Badi Gufa, which is believed to have been inhabited as far back as the Middle Ages. The army took refuge there during the battle.
Reclining Vishnu
One of the park’s most popular features is a sculpture of Vishnu resting his head on his chest next to a pond; this statue, also called Shesha Shaya, is a popular tourist attraction. This points to the existence of a highly cultural society in the area. A 10th-century sculptor created this work of art. A nearby Lakshmana temple dates back to antiquity.
Three Caves
At the foot of a gently sloping hill, three caves in the shape of rooms have been hewn next to one another. The time frame during which caves were built is currently unknown.
Baghel Museum
Objects belonging to the Maharaja of Rewa can be seen in the Baghel Museum, which is located close to the park. There are weapons and other belongings of the rulers on display. Here you can see the stuffed remains of the first white tiger to be shot in Bandhavgarh Park, which occurred in 1951.


Things to Buy

Things to buy include Tiger Reserve memoirs (shirts & caps), Souvenirs, Books.

Foods to Relish

Local tribal dishes, Vegetarian fritters, Non-vegetarian dishes.