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Amboli, Maharashtra

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Located in the Sindhudurg district of south Maharashtra, Amboli is a small but popular hill station for honeymooners. Serving as a getaway, it offers attractions such as waterfalls, lush green forests, and trekking routes. It is one of the “Eco Hot Spots,” abundant with an unusual expanse of flora and fauna.

Nearby Places to See

Amboli Falls
It is a waterfall with a height of about 80 feet that is situated at a bend by the side of the road a few kilometres from the town.
Madhavgad Fort
The only remnants of this fort, also known locally as Mahadev Ghad, are a few red stone walkways and a temple. The location, which is 2 kilometres from the town, provides a panoramic view of the western ghats.
Hiranyakeshi Temple
The Hiranyakeshi River originates at this Shiva and Parvati temple, which is located 4 kilometres from the town in the direction of the hill ranges. The river originates from a cave that is connected to the temple and is tucked away between tall vegetation.
Shirgaonkar Point
It is another viewpoint, about 3 kilometres from the town. The monsoon season and a few months afterward are the best times to visit it.