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A Pioneer In Hospitality

Haryana literally translates to “the abode of God.” It is a combination of the Sanskrit words “Hari,” which means “God,” and “Ayana,” which means “home.” In this land, visitors are treated as equals to gods. It is a thriving state with a rich history and a promising future. India as a whole is known for its artistic and cultural festivals, and this state is no exception. Haryana is well-known for more than just its historical landmarks, mild climate, and picturesque scenery; the state is also lauded for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and its modern structures and architecture are just as important to the economy as the state’s vast green fields, brilliant sunsets, and thriving cultural heritage.

History, Handlooms & Handicrafts

Haryana, often referred to as the ‘Land of Milk and Butter,’ has, over the course of history, witnessed some of the most crucial events in Indian history, fittingly earning it the title of being the land of lore, myth, and ancient history, all of which still reverberate strongly in the very air of the state. It is a state steeped in tradition in every respect that hosts some of the country’s most impressive handicraft and handloom carnivals.  With such a rich ecosystem, it’s no surprise that many migratory and resident bird species call this state home. Numerous stunning temples and lakes can be found all over the region.  Visitors to Haryana can go rock climbing, boating, and hiking, among other things, if they have an adventurous spirit. Haryana is home to stunning works of art, including the jutis and floral embroidery, which make the state’s handicrafts a must-buy for any visitor.