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Yana, Karnataka

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Located in dense forests are the two tall rock formations that spear out into the sky from a vast area covered by evergreen forests. From above they look like two black peaks in an ocean of green. These unique and amazing natural formations formed over millions of years are named Bhairaveshwara (about 400 feet tall) and Mohini (about 300 feet tall). The Bhairaveshwara rock has cut itself into two at the centre forming a natural cave running its entire length. This spellbinding cave is narrower at the top and gains width towards the base. The natural light finding its way into the cave through some gaps at the top allows the visitors to have a clear look at the entire side portions of the rock from top to base leaving them astonished. It is a visual to remember for a lifetime. Yana is about 85 kilometres from Karwar, the district headquarters. Nearest rail link is at Kumata, 28 kilometres away. Nearest airport is at Hubballi, 165 kilometres away.

Nearby Places to See

Bhairaveshwara Temple
This temple is built around a natural Shivalinga formed at the base of the Bhairaveshwara rock. It is worshipped from ancient times. A temple was built about 20-30 years ago.
Mirjan Fort
A beautiful fort overlooking the Aghanashini River is in the Mirjan village 28 kilometres from Yana. The fort was renovated about a decade ago. The bastions, royal court, royal living quarters, water canals, multiple wells, walls and the trench around the fort all make up a great visit.
Located about 60 kilometres from Yana, Sirsi is a town with great cultural heritage. The town is famous for the revered Devi temple of Marikamba. The bi-annual fair of the temple is a massive affair with nearly a crore people attending. Sirsi also has a small and artistically arched well named Musukina Bavi, constructed by the king of Sonda.
At 45 kilometres from Yana towards Sirsi, Manjuguni is a famous place of religious importance. The village has a fine ancient temple of Venkataramana. The temple has beautiful sculptures and pillars. A large and attractive pond is located opposite the temple about 300 metres away.
Unchalli Waterfall
This wonderful waterfall is near the Heggarani village about 60 kilometres from Yana. River Aghanashini plummets to a depth of about 300-350 feet to form a spectacular waterfall. It is a perennial waterfall and during summer visitors can trek down to the base.