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Vijayapura, Karnataka

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Established by one of the greatest dynasties of Karnataka, the Kalyana Chalukyas, during the 10th century, Vijayapura (the City of Victory) reached its pinnacle of glory later during the 15th century when the Bijapur sultanate was established. The various heritage buildings scattered around the city are the remnants of the Islamic rule the city went through for nearly four centuries. If you love the indo Islamic architecture then a stroll around the city is going to enthuse you. There are wells, palaces, tombs, and many other structures, including a fort, to keep an interested tourist busy. From August to January is the best time to visit Vijayapura. It is at a distance of approximately 525 kilometres from Bengaluru and about 150 kilometres from Kalaburagi. Though the city has a railway station, Kalaburagi and Hubballi, 195 kilometres away, are better connected rail stations. Kalaburagi and Hubballi are the nearest domestic airports, whereas Goa and Hyderabad at over 350 kilometres away, are the nearest international airports.

Nearby Places to See


Gol Gumbaz
It is the monument Vijayapura is famous for. It is a glorified tomb belonging to the 17th century. The large building with its minarets on 4 sides, attracts a huge number of tourists every year. It is a protected monument along with many others in the town.
Ibrahim Roza
Conceptualised on the Taj Mahal, it ended up as an average replica but on its own a large structure that is a tomb of a Islamic king and his wife. Located on the outer periphery of the city, it was built by a Persian architect.
The cannon
Named Malik-e-Maidan which translates into King of the Battlefield, this large cannon is one of the important attractions here and attracts visitors. The cannon though nearly 4000 years old is still in good shape

Other Islamic monuments
Fort, Asar Mahal, Bara Kaman, Gagan mahal, Mehtar Mahal, Chinni Mahal and chota mahal are other Islamic monuments that can be visited.

Shiva statue
Everyone who visits Vijayapura must see this magnificent statue of Bhagawan Shiva, which stands at an impressive 85 feet in height. Located on the outskirts of town at a spot called Shivagiri, it was constructed within the last decade by a devotee of Bhagawan Shiva. In front of Shiva is a stunning statue of Nandi. The 85-ton statue required 13 months of painstaking work by skilled artisans. In a city full of cemeteries, it’s a decent starting point for a journey to the divine.


Things to Buy

Things to buy include Lambani jewellery, Souvenirs, Sandalwood materials, Stone artefacts.

Foods to Relish

North Karnataka Thali, Non-vegetarian dishes.