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Varkala Beach , Kerala

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On the outskirts of Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram district, in the southern state of Kerala, is the tranquil hamlet of Varkala. It is easy to travel to as it lies only 51 kilometres from Thiruvananthapuram city and 37 kilometres from Kollam. It lies about 10 km from the city and is renowned for a natural spring that is believed to have healing properties as it contains various minerals. Therefore, the beach is also referred to as “Papanasam Beach.” Surfers travel in large numbers to Varkala to ride the pristine whitewater waves. This town also exudes a backpacker vibe and entices visitors to indulge in its rich topographical resources. The cliffs guard the sea on this beach. These tertiary sedimentary formation cliffs are distinctive geological features, according to geologists. Geologists refer to this geological landmark as the “Varkala formation.”
Varkala Beach

Nearby Places to See

Kappil Lake
It is a large lake that is close to the town of Varkala and borders the sea for a while before joining it at its western shoreline. With coconut trees lining the strip of land between the lake and the sea, it is a lovely sight. The lake also offers boating activities.
Kappil Lake
Janardana Swami Temple
Janardana Swami Temple
With a roughly 2,000-year history, Janardhana Swami Temple is one of the principal pilgrimage sites in Kerala. It has a beach road as its entrance and is situated in Varkala. It is on a steep hill. Although it has a significant religious significance, the beauty of its architecture also draws visitors. Visitors are greeted by a tall entrance arch with a tiled roof, from which they can take in the aesthetic splendour of the banyan tree serving as a sentinel in front of the temple and the nearby idols of several serpent gods and goddesses. While the main shrine is devoted to Lord Janardhana (an avatar of Lord Vishnu), the temple also contains brightly painted idols of Lord Hanuman, Lord Shiva, and Garuda (a mythical bird). The statue is a striking sight, with four arms holding shanghu (the holy conch shell), chakra (wheel), gada (mace), and kumbham (pot) each.
Odayam Beach
Ponnumthuruthu Island
One of Kerala’s most stunning uninhabited islands is Ponnumthuruthu Island, also referred to as Golden Island. About 20 kilometres from Varkala, this undiscovered location is caressed by the Anjengo backwaters. This island has a five-acre radius and can be accessed only by a jetty from the Nedunganda village. Due to its proximity to the tranquil waters of Akathumuri Lake, the island serves as a gathering place for migratory birds. It is also significant to spiritual tourists who come here to visit a well-known Shiva-Parvathi temple that is 100 years old. The Valiyapurackal family owns both the island and the temple, which is known locally as “Thuruthu Kshethram.” Mahashivratri, a festival honouring Lord Shiva, is celebrated with great pomp and a large attendance of followers.
Chilakoor Beach
It is another beautiful beach nearby the Varkala beach on the southern side, about 12–14 kilometres from Varkala town.
Sarkara Devi Temple
The Sarkara Devi temple is devoted to the goddess Bhadrakali and is situated in Chirayinkeezhu, about 20 kilometres from Varkala town. The temple is well-known for its annual Kaliyuttu celebration, which lasts nine days. The Travancore kings initiated it in the eighteenth century.
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