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Unakoti Rock Carvings, Tripura

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A stream flows down slowly along the stepped hill, and all along the way it forms small waterfalls. On either side of these waterfalls are some beautiful and gigantic sculptures that amaze and astound the visitors with their scale, innovation, and execution. It is obvious that there is no set plan for these carvings. Wherever a rock is visible on the vertical face of the hill, it has been shaped into an attractive carving. Nearly a hundred sculptures, including the rock carvings and the stone sculptures, are scattered all over the hills and all along the flow of the stream. The 30 feet tall carving of Bhagawan Shiva, along with that of Ganesha, stands out among the nearly 100 carvings. The unique place, located in a shallow valley, is a revered religious site for the followers of Bhagawan Shiva. Some historians date these creations to the pre-10th century, while others date them to the post-11th century. The best time to visit Unakoti is between September and March. Unakoti is approximately 140 kilometres from Agartala, which is also the nearest airport. Kumarghat, 25 kilometres away is the nearest railway station. Dharmanagar, at 20 kilometres, has better rail connections.

Nearby Places to See


Jampui Hills
The highest point in Tripura, it is located about 80 kilometres from the rock carvings. From this vantage point, which is more than 2700 feet above sea level, you can see all of the state of Mizoram and the southern part of Bangladesh.

Buddha Waterfall and Buddha Vihar Park
An impressive pool gathers at the base of the 30- to 40-foot-tall Buddha Waterfall in Buddha Vihar Park. In terms of distance, the seasonal waterfall is roughly 35 kilometres from the rock carvings. It’s worth your time to visit the nearby Buddha Vihar Park, which has been a popular hangout since its founding in 1933. There’s a beautiful Buddha statue inside.


Things to Buy

Things to buy include Souvenirs, Hats, Honey.

Foods to Relish

Non-vegetarian Food at Kumarghat and Dharmanagar.