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Tambdi Surla Mahadev Temple, Goa

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The elegant temple is in a small opening in the forest. The abode of Mahadeva amidst thick forests with Surla River flowing nearby is sure to have a refreshing and rejuvenating effect on the minds of any visitor who drops by. Built during the 12th century, it is the oldest temple in the state of Goa. The quaint temple attracts more tourists as it is a rare temple that has withstood the vagaries of nature and because of the unique natural ambience that is soothing to the eyes and mind. The large garden maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India goes very well with nature and adds more visual appeal and value to the temple surroundings. The temple has a Shivalinga in the sanctum, followed by 4 beautiful pillars in the naveranga, complimented by an attractive ceiling. The petite temple is one of the major attractions in Goa. Located within the Bhagawan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary, the temple is about 15 kilometres from Mollem and about 65 kilometres from Panaji. Kulem is the nearest railway station about 22 kilometres away. The nearest air link is at Panaji.

Nearby Places to See

Tambdi Surla Waterfall
The river that flows by the temple creates a waterfall upstream cascading down from a height of about 80 feet. A hike of about 75-90 minutes through rain forest and crossing of streams leads to the waterfall.
Naneli Waterfall
This waterfall is located near the village of Naneli, about 35 kilometres from the temple. A short hike from the village leads to the waterfall.
Sanvordem Waterfall
Situated about 32 kilometres from the temple, the approach to the waterfall is what attracts the hikers rather than the waterfall. The path is a bit dangerous, and it is visited only after November. The crystal-clear waters collected in the many pools on the rocky bed are a great hit with visitors.
Talyar Waterfall
Located in Caranzol village, approximately 30 kilometres from the temple, this waterfall is about 50 feet high and forms 2 sections. Local guides are needed to approach the waterfall.
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