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St. Mary’s Island, Karnataka

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St. Mary’s Island is considered a geological treasure. It offers some of Karnataka’s most breathtaking beaches just 4 miles offshore in the Arabian Sea, off the coast of Udupi. Columnar volcanic rock formations on the island unique to India are what set it apart from other Indian islands. As a visitor, you can wander around freely and enjoy the rock formations from vantage locations.
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Nearby Places to See

Maravanthe Beach
Maravanthe Beach
The trip to Maravanthe Beach is just as enjoyable and pleasant as the beach itself. On the way to the beach, there are long stretches where the highway is flanked on one side by the Arabian Sea and on the other by the distant Kodachadri Hills. Highly regarded and justifiably so, this journey is enchanting. This beach is an exquisite stretch of white sand. For the ideal beach vacation, soak up the peaceful sunlight and the calm waters. Similar to the other beaches in the region, visitors can engage in water sports like scuba diving and snorkelling at this beach. With the backdrop of the majestic Kodachadri hills, this beautiful beach town is a serene escape.
Kapu Beach
This lovely beach, which is about 20 kilometres from the island’s closest land point, is notable for having an artistic and distinctive lighthouse at its northernmost point. It stands about 100 feet tall and was constructed in 1901 on a large rock surface. Visitors can access the top of the lighthouse via the spiral stairs inside, where they are greeted by a stunning 360-degree view.
Kapu Beach
Padukere Beach
This beach is a hidden gem that can be accessed by ferry or by a bridge. It is the ideal location for travellers looking to avoid the tourist crowds as well as those who want to organise a picnic by the sea. The Arabian Sea’s tranquillity can be savoured while walking along the clear sands and looking for marine life like starfish and shells. At night, the bioluminescence of the algae that line the coast causes the water to take on a bluish hue.
Agumbe Hills
Agumbe, located roughly 60 kilometres from the nearest land point, is a magical place high above the ghats. It is also one of the few locations that experiences the most rainfall. The area is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers with its abundance of waterfalls, lakes, and grasslands.
Agumbe Hills
Mattu Beach
Kundadri Hill
It is a vertical hill with a Jain temple on top that is located 75 kilometres from the island. At 2700 feet above sea level, it offers some stunning views. Visitors ascend to the top via a flight of about 100 steps from the parking lot, which is reached after a winding road. The Parshwanatha Basti, which dates to the 17th century, was constructed right on the cliff’s edge. There is a pond located on the left of the basti.
Kundadri Hill
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