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Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

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Spiti Valley, a majestic cold desert valley, provides the perfect getaway for those seeking solitude in the abode of nature. Its beautiful, clean environment at a height of 12,500 ft reveals pine forests, green meadows, monasteries, and small villages. A picturesque paradise echoing with tranquillity and spirituality, it is home to several Buddhist monasteries and stunning natural sites, most of which are unexplored and hence unspoilt. Given that Spiti’s landscape, vegetation, and climate are so much like those of Tibet, the term “Little Tibet” is frequently used to describe it. The Spiti river, which bursts through deep gorges and valleys and is tucked away in Himachal Pradesh, cuts a sharp swath through the valley’s craggy topography. Those who enjoy water sports, particularly river rafting, are very fond of the river. The valley’s verdant scenery is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy activities like hiking, paragliding, and camping thanks to its location in the shadow of snow-capped mountains.

Nearby Places to See

Pin Valley National Park
This park was established in 1987. The park offers a natural habitat for threatened species like the snow leopard and Siberian ibex because a sizable portion of it is covered in snow for several months of the year. The park is at a distance of 50 kms from Kaza, the heart of Spiti valley.
Ki (Kye, Kee) Monastery
One of the largest monasteries in the Spiti Valley, located at a height of 4,166 m above sea level, is the charming Ki Monastery. The murals, paintings, and stucco images found in this tranquil Buddhist site are stunning examples of monastic architecture from the 14th century. Alongside, there are unusual wind instruments that are used as part of the orchestra whenever the chham dance (a masked and costumed dance) is performed.
Dhankar Lake
Dhankar is widely regarded as one of Spiti’s top tourist destinations. Dhankar Gompa, also known as Dhankar Monastery, is the main draw in this area. It is located at an altitude of about 3,370 metres and is nearly a thousand years old. The area was once the castle of Nono, the ruler of Spiti, and its name, “Dhankar,” translates to “fort” in the local dialect. When it was first being built, this monastery’s fortifications were put to use as a prison. On a glass altar adorned with scarves and flowers is a life-size silver statue of Vajradhara (the supreme essence of all male Buddhas). Several Buddhist scriptures are written in the Bhoti script.
Baralacha Pass
Baralacha Pass is a high-altitude, 8 km long kilometres at a height of 16040 ft in the Zanskar range of mountains. Three mountain ranges—the Zanskar, Pir Panjal, and Himalaya—intersect at this beautiful pass. The place is well known for biking and trekking.