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Somnath Temple, Gujarat

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The Somnath temple, a Hindu temple located in Prabhas Patan, Veraval in Gujarat state, is dedicated to Somnath, the ‘Moon God.’ Hindus revere the temple as a holy destination for pilgrimage, and it is thought to be the first of Lord Shiva’s twelve Jyotirlinga shrines. It has been rebuilt more than once in the past after being destroyed by different invaders and rulers. It is unclear when the first version of the Somnath temple was built; however, the present temple was reconstructed in Chalukya style of Hindu temple architecture and completed in May 1951. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel took the lead on the rebuilding project. The temple is right by the Arabian Sea and has a great view of the Saurashtra peninsula. The 50-metre-tall shikhara (spire) of the Somnath Temple stands out with its impressive Chalukyan style architecture. The building is beautiful, with silver doors, intricate carvings, a shivling, and a Nandi (bull god) idol. The temple has a huge courtyard with a huge hall called a mandapa and a main shrine with arches that tower over the whole temple. After paying obeisance, devotees can slip through a side door to find an ethereal view of sunlight tripping over the sea waves.

Somnath Temple

Nearby Places to See

Bhalka Tirth Temple
This location, which is 5 kilometres from the Somnath Temple, is where Bhagwan Lord departed for his heavenly abode, marking the end of the Dwapara yuga. In this temple filled with exquisite sculptures, Krishna is enshrined forever.
Bhalka Tirth Temple
Hinglaj Mata Temple
It was discovered in 1949 and is close to the Somnath temple. It is a tiny cave where Hinglaj Devi is revered. It is also known as Panch Pandav Gufa due to the notion that the Pandavas resided here for a brief period of time during their exile.
Prabhas Patan Museum
Prabhas Patan Museum
Nearly 3500 exhibits are on display at this museum, which was founded in 1951 and is well-known for its stone sculptures and inscriptions. The glass bottles holding the waters from various ancient foreign rivers and a restored temple are distinctive features of this museum. The items that will fascinate the visitors include coins, pottery, pillars, sculptures, and seashells.
Triveni Ghat
This holy place, which is about a kilometre from the temple, is where the three rivers Hiran, Kapila, and Saraswati combine before flowing into the sea as one. This location is revered as Bhagawan Krishna’s final resting place and is associated with divinity.
Triveni Ghat
Bhidbhanjan Mahadev Temple
It is believed that this ancient temple, which is situated close to the beach in Somnath, is where the hunter Jara shot Bhagwan Lord with his arrow, killing him.
Surya Mandir
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