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Shillong, Meghalaya

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Shillong, a popular hill station in northeast India, is the capital of Meghalaya (abode of the clouds). Shillong is famous for its heavy rainfall, deep caves, tall waterfalls, hills, beautiful landscapes, and wonderful culture. This city is brought to life by the charm of the colonial era, a setting of rolling greens, and pristine mountains. Umiam to the north, the Diengiei Hills to the northwest, and the hills of the Assam Valley to the northeast encircle the plateau. Because of its resemblance to the Scottish highlands in terms of topography and greenery, Shillong is frequently referred to as the “Scotland of the East.” The city has a variety of hiking trails and natural parks in addition to tall pine conifers and pineapple shrubs. The city’s living root bridges are a natural wonder that has helped it become well-known worldwide. They are a one-of-a-kind experience because they are alive, growing, and can hold up to fifty people at once.

Nearby Places to See

Umiam Lake
Located about 15 kilometres from Shillong, Umiam Lake is one of Meghalaya’s largest artificial lakes. It has a surface area of about 220 square kilometres and is more commonly known as Bara Pani. The majesty of this enormous lake, which was formed when the Umiam river was dammed to store water for hydroelectric power generation, is enhanced by the surrounding Sylvan Hills and lush Khasi pines. It was initially built as a dam or reservoir, but it is now a popular tourist destination. It is also renowned for its adventure and water sports facilities, including kayaking, water cycling, scootering, and boating.
All Saints Cathedral
It is an ancient church located in the centre of the town. This impressive building, which was built in 1877, was damaged by an earthquake in 1897 and was rebuilt. A wooden lectern in the shape of an eagle, a bible weighing 5kg, a beautiful wooden door, and two musical instruments, a piano and an organ are all as old as the church.
Lewduh Market
It is the largest market in the entire northeastern region of India and is also known as Bara Bazar. It is the city’s oldest market. This market is distinctive because it offers a wide range of products of all kinds throughout the year. The list of products is endless and includes spices, meat, sweets, jute products, fish, vegetables, clothes, and so on.
Elephant Falls
Elephant Falls, one of the most popular waterfalls in the northeast, is located about 12 kilometres from Shillong. The verdant forest that is teeming with flora and fauna and surrounds the cascading water is the perfect place to relax. The elephant-shaped stone at the base of Elephant Falls inspired its name. The name persisted even though the rock was destroyed in an earthquake in 1897.
David Scott Trail
This trekking trail is located about 40 kilometres from Shillong. The trail winds through mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and picturesque ridges. From Cherrapunji to Bangladesh, a pony cart trail was constructed by British officer David Scott. This track is over 100 kilometres long, of which only 16 kilometres is used for hiking.