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Sandur, Karnataka

Been there recently?

Sandur is a small town blessed with nature’s generosity with hills, water points, seasonal waterfalls, greenery, lakes, and pleasant weather. The city is an exception to the barren landscape that surrounds it for miles on all sides. A former princely state under the British, the town has its place in ancient history as well, with the presence of a fort, a palace, and temples. The fort stands ruined, and the palace has been converted into a luxury hotel. In 1934, Mahatma Gandhi, while passing through the harsh landscape, stayed at Sandur for the day. Pleasantly surprised by its cool weather, he famously said, “Come to Sandur in September.” His words epitomise the charm this town leaves with visitors. From July to September, Sandur is a heaven for nature lovers. During this period, trekking activities on about 10 hills surrounding the city get active. Sandur is approximately 50 kilometres from the district headquarters in Ballari and 30 kilometres from Hosapete. The nearest rail links are at Toranagal, 22 kilometres away, and Hosapete. The nearest air links are at Toranagal and Ballari.

Nearby Places to See

The ruins of the erstwhile Vijayanagara kingdom at Hampi are located 43 kilometres from Sandur. The destruction of the place after the debacle in 1565 is for all to see. Once a grand kingdom was ransacked and looted to the last penny, and the ruins stand as a silent witness to all the destruction. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most visited places by foreigners in India.
Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary
Established in 1994, it is the first sanctuary in Asia dedicated exclusively to the protection of sloth bears. Located about 40 kilometres away from Sandur and close to Hampi, the sanctuary has a landscape similar to Hampi. The large boulders, crevices, and caves, along with the sparse scrub forest cover in the vast rocky landscape, are all made-to-order territory for the bears. The bears are thriving in their natural habitat, and they share this 83 square kilometres of reserve forest with other animals like wild boars, porcupines, pangolins, leopards, and hyenas.
Located about 30 kilometres away from Sandur, this town holds an important place in the history of Vijayanagara. This is where the outermost level of the Vijayanagara fort, the 7th layer, stood and was the gateway to Hampi. The temple of Anantashayana on the outskirts of the town is a large structure constructed by Krishnadevaraya in memory of his deceased son Tirumalaraya. The temple mesmerises the visitors with an array of Yalis (lions on the pillars) up front and the arranging of pillars of various types in the mantapa. The huge rectangular sanctum has three doors but no idol.
Tungabhadra Dam
Popularly known as TB Dam, it is located on the outskirts of Hosapete town and is about 40 kilometres away from Sandur. The construction started in 1949 and was completed in 1953. This large dam has 33 crest gates and is more than 150 feet high. The gardens in front of the dam host a light and laser show in the evenings if the water level is not low in the dam.
Ancient Temples
One of the hills, about 11 kilometres from the town, has twin temples for Kumaraswami and Parvati. The Parvati temple has unique architecture, and both temples date to before the 10th century.
Ankasamudra Bird Sanctuary
Located near Hosapete, this sanctuary is 45 kilometres away from Sandur. It is an upcoming sanctuary. The 244-acre large lake, which remained dry for a long time, filled up a couple of years ago after the forest department planted trees on the dry lakebed. The lake has held the water since and has become a nesting place for a variety of native and migratory birds.