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Ranthambore, Rajasthan

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Ranthambore is a large and well-known park in northern India, and is a prime destination for wildlife enthusiasts. These woods were once used by the Maharajas of Jaipur as a hunting preserve; today, they attract tourists interested in seeing the Royal Bengal Tiger in its natural habitat. Ranthambore, which is 155 kilometres from Jaipur, has a varied topography that includes rolling hills, crags, meadows, lakes, and rivulets. This provides some of the best chances to see the majestic tiger in the wild. In addition to the tiger, the park is home to sloth bears, leopards, jackals, foxes, hyenas, Indian wolves, chital, sambar deer, blue bull antelopes, also known as nilgais, rhesus macaques, langurs, and a staggering array of bird species. The landscape of this dry deciduous forest is dominated by the Ranthambore fort, which dates back to the 10th century.

Nearby Places to See

Ranthambore Fort
This mighty fort, which is perched high on a hill inside Ranthambore National Park, has withstood numerous sieges and continues to stand. It was constructed in the 10th century and provided the Rajput kings with excellent defences against outside invaders. Prithviraj Chauhan is said to have taken control of Ranthambore Fort in the 12th century, and Alauddin Khalji eventually settled there. Visiting the fort is an interesting experience because you can see a variety of wildlife along the way. As you gradually hike up, you can also see a number of birds at eye level.
Kachida Valley
The leopards and panthers of the Ranthambore National Park can be found in Kachida Valley. Jeep Safari is the only means of transportation offered because the location is inside a National Park. In order to prevent conflicts with tigers, the panthers in the park confine themselves to this area of the protected forest. The location has many water bodies that support the local wildlife and are also the main factor in the area’s popularity.
Raj Bagh Talao
It is a scenic lake inside the Ranthambore National Park, covered with dense forest. The fort’s ruins can be seen along the lake’s shore. These ruins indicate that it was a favourite spot among royals during bygone days.
Rajiv Gandhi Regional Museum
It is one of only four natural history museums in India, and it is situated in Sawai Madhopur. These museums document and present the history of the state’s natural resources.