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Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu

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One of the most scenic and beautiful places in the country, this religious and holy town is located on the Pamban island off the coast of Ramanathapuram district in Tamil Nadu state. It is famous for the Ramanathaswamy temple, and the island is also known as Rameshwaram Island. It is connected to the mainland by a multipurpose bridge named Pamban Bridge, and it is separated from Sri Lanka by a narrow section of the sea named Pamban Channel. This is the island from which Bhagawan Ram crossed the Pamban channel through the Rama Setu, the bridge built by Vanara Sena, and walked into Sri Lanka. The drive of 20 kilometres through the narrow and long stretch of land via the abandoned village of Dhanushkodi towards the end point is a delightful experience with vast stretches of deserted beaches on either side.

Nearby Places to See

This is an abandoned town in Pamban island. Located near the end point of the island, it appears like a ghost town with ruins of temples, buildings and houses. The cyclone of 1964 destroyed the town. The marine national park nearby covers an area of 21 islands and is a fine place to visit. But the main attractions of the place are undoubtedly the beaches. The undisturbed white sand entices long walks with no one around.
Pamban Bridge
This rail bridge connecting Pamban island to the mainland was built in 1914 and was India’s first sea bridge that spanned a distance of 2.06 kilometres. It has a section at the midpoint which allows it to be lifted to allow the passing of ships underneath. The beach at Pamban gives a great view of the bridge.
Pamban Bridge
Ramanathaswamy Temple
Ram Setu
Also known as Adam’s Bridge, it was constructed by Nala, the chief engineer of Sugriva. This bridge was constructed to help Bhagawan Ram cross the sea and enter Sri Lanka. The last point of this island is a popular tourist destination. With nothing but sea on all three sides, the northernmost tip of Sri Lanka, which can be viewed during clear days, is about 25 kilometres from this point.
Ram Setu
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