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Ramappa Temple, Telangana

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Built during the 12th century by the Kakatiya rulers, this temple also known as Rudreshwara Temple, is a marvellous piece of art and architecture. It has made its way into the UNESCO World Heritage Site list by the sheer brilliance of the technology used in its construction. If you are an avid temple traveller, then you may wonder what got this temple the UNESCO tag, as there are larger and better designed temples across India. That is where the catch is. The temple may look like any other temple, but the chief architect Ramappa, after whom the temple is named, made use of an innovative and unique technology called the ‘Sandbox’ technology all those years ago! In this technology, ‘floating bricks’ were used to reduce the roof weight on the walls thus making it less likely to collapse during a natural calamity like an earthquake. Apart from this masterclass technology, the temple scores high in sculptural ratings too. The works on the pillars and the ceiling stand out and so do the beautiful Madanikas in the brackets. The temple can be visited throughout the year. Located on the outskirts of Palampet village, the temple is about 14 kilometres away from Mulugu, the district headquarters, and approximately 210 kilometres from Hyderabad. Kazipet, approximately 75 kilometres away, is the nearest railway station, and Hyderabad is the nearest air link.
Ramappa Temple

Nearby Places to See

Approximately 9 kilometres away from Ramappa temple, at Ghanpur there are 22 temples belonging to the 13th century built inside a stone walled enclosure. Though in various stages of decay because of the attack from Islamists, these monuments, locally known as Kota Gullu, still stand and attract tourists.
Laknavaram Lake
Laknavaram Lake
It is a large natural lake covering more than 9500 acres of land, in existence from ancient times. The Kakatiya rulers built a small irrigation dam across it. The picturesque lake has about 10-12 islands, of which 3 are connected by a hanging bridge. There is a boating facility at the lake.
Pandava Caves
Locally known as Pandavalu Guhalu, this place is located about 18 kilometres from Ramappa temple. Paintings of Gods found on the walls of the cave date back to the 10th century. A hike along a rough patch leads to the top of the hill with good views of the surrounding areas.
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