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Pushkar, Rajasthan

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Pushkar is a city in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan. It is about 10 kilometres north of Ajmer and about 150 kilometres south of Jaipur. Together with an interesting mythological history, numerous temples, and a legacy of timeless architectural heritage, Pushkar is a fascinating city. The picturesque town of Pushkar is spread out over a dramatic landscape that includes sand dunes, lakes, hills, and forests, all of which surround the tranquil Pushkar Lake. Pushkar is a sacred city in India that is widely regarded as Lord Brahma’s throne. The name Pushkar, which means “lotus flower,” encapsulates the city’s ethereal vibe. Thus, Pushkar is one of the few locations that features a temple dedicated to Brahma. The soul of Pushkar vibrates in its streets, and one can enjoy the city through the labyrinth of alleys and lanes, bazaars, and ghats.

Nearby Places to See

Savitri Temple
It is a popular pilgrimage site and is situated on the Ratnagiri hills at the edge of the town. Idols of Brahma’s two wives, Savitri and Gayatri, are worshipped here. To get to the temple, devotees must ascend more than 200 steep steps in steep and difficult terrain. The temple can also be reached via a ropeway, which provides a fantastic view of the city.
Pap Mochani Temple
Located atop a hill, it is also known as the Gayatri temple. The term “Pap Mochani” refers to being absolved of one’s sins, and Gayatri is regarded as a powerful goddess with the ability to perform this task.
Varaha Temple
This ancient temple is dedicated to Bhagawan Vishnu’s third avatara, the boar or Varaha. The temple was constructed in the 12th century by Anaji Chauhan, Prithviraj Chauhan’s grandfather. It was destroyed by the Mughal emperor Aurangazeb in 1727, and Raja Sawai Jai Singh II of Jaipur rebuilt it. The temple contains a 2-foot-tall, white-painted Varaha idol.
Brahma Temple
The temple was constructed in the 14th century. The temple is thought to have been around for more than a thousand years. A statue of Brahma and Gayatri can be found in the sanctum. It stands out for its marvellous architecture. The shikhara, which is 70 feet tall, stands out.