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Pahalgam, Jammu & Kashmir

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Pahalgam, a picturesque town in the Lidder Valley, sits at the meeting point of two streams: one from the pristine Sheshnag lake, the other from the Lidder river. Beautiful hills and profuse greenery are the features of this town, situated at a height of 2130 metres. It is surrounded by tall fir-covered mountains and snow-clad peaks which together present a spectacular sight. The annual Amarnath Yatra starts from Pahalgam, bringing in innumerable devotees of Lord Shiva. For tourists, it’s a friendly town with lots of hotels and lodges. Besides shopping, Pahalgam is popular for its trekking routes into forests and alpine meadows. Offering much in the way of awe-inspiring sights, the huge, undulating meadow of Baisaran, surrounded by thickly wooded pine forests, offers a haven for nature lovers. Pahalgam’s stunning scenery has made it the setting for a number of Bollywood movies, including the megahit Betaab (1983), for which the valley is now known as Betaab Valley. Visitors begin to flock here, some seeking relaxation among nature’s splendour and others seeking excitement. Popular with trekkers is the nearby Chandanwari glacier point.

Nearby Places to See

Tulian Lake
It is referred to as an Alpine lake, which is a high altitude lake, and is situated at an elevation of 12,087 feet. The hike to the lake begins about 7 kilometres outside of the city, and it takes about 9 kilometres to get there. The lake frequently has large ice chunks floating in it, and is surrounded on three sides by mountains that rise another 3,000 feet. The lake is situated between the Pir Panjal and Zanskar mountain ranges.
Aru Valley
The Aru Valley is located in the Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir, about 12 kilometres from Pahalgam and about 11 kilometres upstream from the Lidder river. It is one of the most beautiful places in Kashmir due to its breathtaking beauty, picturesque surroundings, and the majestic snow-covered Himalayan peaks. This serene and scenic village is nestled among grasslands and its alluring vistas call to the souls of nature lovers and solace seekers. During winter, when the land freezes over, the village becomes a skiing paradise.
Sheshnag Trek
It is located along the pilgrimage route to Amarnath and is considered an Alpine lake due to its elevation of 11,778 feet. The 700 metre wide and 1.1 kilometre long lake freezes over in the winter. It receives its water from glaciers located high above the three mountains that surround it, each of which is more than 16,000 feet tall. It takes about 7 hours of hiking from Pahalgam to reach Sheshnag.
This location serves as the starting point for many treks as well as the Amarnath yatra. It is situated at an elevation of 9498 feet and is about 16 kilometres from Pahalgam. It is a serene location with laid-back tourist activities.
Kolahoi Trek
The trek to Kolahoi starts from the Aru valley, 13 kilometres away from Pahalgam. Due to its role as the origin of a few significant rivers, this location is revered by the locals as the Goddess of Light. It is a six-day trek.
Mamaleshwar Temple
It is one of the oldest temples in the state and is 3 kilometres from the city. Only the sanctum sanctorum of a once-grand temple is still standing. Right in front of the temple is a pond with water that is crystal clear. According to legend, Lord Ganesh guarded his mother Parvati in this temple and forbade Lord Shiva from entering.
Zanskar Valley
Zanskar Valley, a semi-arid region tucked in the northern flank of the Great Himalayas, is perched at a height of 13,154 feet. The area’s stunning snow-capped mountains, pleasant climate, sparkling water features, and lush surroundings all serve to draw tourists. The valley, which is located 105 kilometres from Leh, is a popular location for adventure sports like water rafting, paragliding, and trekking. Zanskar is only accessible from June to September because all of the valley’s roads are heavily snow-covered during the other months.
Betaab Valley
The Betaab valley, a stunning expanse by the Lidder river with sweeping views of the Himalayas, is located about 7 km from Pahalgam. Its scenery is postcard-perfect, with snow-capped mountains in the background and a carpet of verdant green interrupted by a winding river. A dense forest of deodar and pine trees covers it, and it is strewn with vibrant flowers. Many hikers use the valley as a starting point for excursions into the surrounding mountains, and it makes for a pleasant base camp as they do so. In 1983, the Bollywood film Betaab, starring Sunny Deol and Amrita Singh, was filmed in Betaab Valley, bringing the area to widespread attention. As a result, the successful film inspired the valley’s name.