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Murdeshwara, Karnataka

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The place has an ancient but modernised temple of Bhagawan Shiva which has great importance historically and mythologically. This temple is located on a rocky ledge known as Kanduka hill that has outstretched into the sea and is surrounded on three sides by sea waters. Modern attractions include a 123 feet tall Shiva statue in a seated position and a 20-storied tall tower. The view from atop this tower gives a bird’s eye view of the area and the sea. For tourists more inclined towards divinity and astha, get ready to be embraced by Murdeshwara whole heartedly. The Shiva statue, tall gopura, Sun chariot, the statue of Arjuna and Krishna with Krishna reciting Geetopadesha and the depiction of Ganesha fooling Ravana, among others keep you enthused throughout the stay at Murdeshwara. The best innovation on this hill is the air conditioned circular walkthrough amphitheatre depicting the story of Atma Linga. A saunter away from the hill full of mythology inspirations would take you to the other end of the hill with the sea waters splashing on the rocks at the bottom of the hill.

Nearby Places to See

Netrani Island
Located about 20 kilometres off the coast from Murdeshwara, Netrani is an uninhabited island. Also known as Pigeon Island, it is the only place in Karnataka to have coral reefs and also the only place in the state with scuba diving activity. Crystal clear waters with visibility up to 65 feet are ideal places for snorkelling and diving. Every year during February fishermen from all over coastal Karnataka visit the island to worship and pay their obeisance to Bhagawan Hanuman, whose temple is on the island.
A town, which once was an important port city of the Vijayanagara kingdom, now remains a pale shadow of the glory it had attained. Twelve ancient temples from the 15th and 16th centuries remain as proof of the vibrant economy the place had. These temples have an architecture that is unique and seldom found elsewhere. The town has a lighthouse near the sea.
This village, located 12 kilometres from Bhatkal town, was a Jain centre in the past. The ancient basadis dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries and corresponding inscriptions give a clear picture of the great past of this village. There are 3 ancient basadis here. The Chauvvis Tirthankara Basadi has the idols of all the Tirthankaras on a single pedestal.
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