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Munnar, Kerala

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Munnar, which means “three rivers” in Tamil, is a town at the meeting point of three raging rivers: the Kundala, the Nallathanbi, and the Mudrapuzha. This hill station, located 1,600 metres above the sea level, once served as the summer retreat to the former British Government of South India. This is a well-liked vacation destination due to its extensive tea plantations, exotic flora, emerald plantations, grasslands, forests, picturesque towns, winding lanes, and holiday amenities. Wherever you go in Munnar, you’ll be surrounded by the enticing scents of tea, coffee, and cardamom. The stunning landscapes and abundant wildlife in Munnar make for breathtaking scenery. It is frequently referred to as the Kashmir of South India due to the stunning variety of greens in the landscape. It is a thrilling and tranquil travel destination. With its cloudy skies, consistently pleasant weather, delicious cuisine, hillocks, and greenery, it provides a break from the chaos of everyday life and all its stress. In addition, Anamudi, South India’s tallest peak at 2,695 metres, is located here. This peak’s numerous trails make it a must-see for hikers and backpackers.

Nearby Places to See

Tea Gardens
Tea gardens surround Munnar on all sides. It is educational to visit these plantations to learn about the tea leaves’ grooming process, and it is also a reviving experience to have spent time in nature. While walking through the plantation on the pathway, one can enjoy the distant mountains in the background.
tea garden
top station
Top Station
Top Station, one of Munnar’s most beautiful locations, offers a magnificent view of nearby attractions. It is the highest railway station in the Kundala Valley, and is located 1,700 metres above sea level. With a consistent cool breeze, clear skies, and a variety of wild flowers nearby, it’s a great place to spend a few hours. The neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu can also be seen in stunning detail. During the Neelakurinji flower’s blooming season, when it covers hills and valleys for miles, Top Station merits a special trip. The station acts as the Palani Hills National Park’s western entrance.
rajamalai national park
Kalari Kshethra
It is the epicentre of Kathakkali, a dance style that originated in Kerala, as well as Kalaripayattu, a martial art style that originated in Kerala. The centre regularly holds classes, workshops, and plays to teach the next generation the techniques of these ancient forms of dance and combat. The centre is located around 11 km from Munnar.
kalari kshetra
anamudi peak
Anamudi Peak
This mountain, which is the highest point in Kerala, is roughly 8840 feet above sea level. The word “Anamudi” means “elephant’s hair,” and it is thought that the mountain got its name after some elephant hairs were discovered there by the first visitors. It is located 20 km southkilometresf Munnar and is a part of the Eravikulam National Park. The Kurinji flowers that bloom on this hill only appear every 12 years.