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It is a different feeling to be in the state of Mizoram, one of the few places in India where tourists need to get an Inner Line Permit to travel. The state, with nearly 90% forest cover, is still low on the tourist map, mainly due to its remote location, lack of publicity, and the ILP. But if you are an intrepid traveller who loves exploring new places, then head to Mizoram, the entry point to which is Aizawl. It is a beautiful city with pleasant weather and sets a good tone to start the Mizo expedition. The hill stations, hill peaks, waterfalls, and other tourist attractions will keep you occupied, and travelling through the hilly state will thrill you more. The rugged roads, with only the Sumo Taxis as a means of transportation apart from private vehicles will make the journey engrossing. The recent spotting of a tiger in the Dampa Tiger Reserve (not seen since 2018) has created more interest in the state. Mizoram is known for the discipline and rules the people follow in day to day life, and because of this, the journey through the state is usually incident free and memorable.

Nearby Places to See


Views of the surrounding hills can be had from numerous vantage points in Aizawl. In addition to these, there is also a vantage point from which you can watch the sun go down to these, there is also a vantage point from which you can watch the sun go down. About 9 kilometres outside of town is the pleasant Lalsavunga Park. Constructed on the crest of a hill, complete with scenic lookouts and a suspension bridge, the site is a magnet for sightseers. It is possible to get a fantastic view of the distant mountains from the northern part of the city.
In the town of Buangpui, roughly 100 kilometres from Aizawl, you’ll find not one but two of Mizoram’s most impressive waterfalls. It’s not hard to get to either of these waterfalls. Depending on how you measure it, Tuirihiau Falls is either 25 or 35 feet tall. Tourists can go around the back of the waterfall and still hear the water crashing down from up top. Vantawng Waterfall is the tallest waterfall in Mizoram and rolls down into a beautiful valley. A vantage point constructed on the neighbouring hill is used for viewing. Getting to the foot of the waterfall requires navigating a challenging and steep hiking trail.
Located roughly 170 kilometres south of Aizawl, Lunglei is the state’s southernmost point and a popular hill station. Near Lunglei, you can explore the Khawnglung wildlife sanctuary and the Saza sanctuary, both of which are protected areas of forest. Apart from these, the city has many viewpoints nearby for heavenly views of nature.
Champhai is a charming hill city about 170 kilometres southwest of Aizawl, and it is well-known for its pleasant climate, hills, tranquillity, and lush greenery. Numerous sightseers come to the city to spend a few days exploring its many attractions.


Things to Buy

Things to buy include Traditional Mizo dress, Hand made garments, Wooden toys, Bamboo and crane products.

Foods to Relish

Bamboo Shoot Fry, Koat Pitha (prepared with banana, rice flour and fish), Bai (vegetarian and non-vegetarian with herbs), Vawksa Rep (pork dish).