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Mallalli Waterfalls, Karnataka

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Rushing through the valleys of great mountains of Pushpagiri range, river Kumaradhara forms this spectacular waterfall near Mallalli village in the Coorg district. The river plunges to a depth of about 150 feet over a rocky surface and continues its journey further down the valley leaving the viewers in pure joy of watching a great spectacle amidst equally great natural ambience. You would be surprised to view two contrasting views of the river here. It ambles along and approaches the waterfall slowly and then all of a sudden picks up speed, roars down to the depth of the valley and rushes at great speed further down through the narrow passage. The view of the waterfall from the viewpoint is of postcard stuff with the towering mountain on the other side completely dwarfing the large enough waterfall. The complete green cover of the landscape pierced by the river and the waterfall forming a foaming white line is one dramatic view to remember forever. A narrow path leads to the base of the waterfall providing another magnificent view of the valley and the waterfall itself. This path remains closed during heavy rains when the river is in a marauding mood. Mallalli village is about 22 kilometres from Somavarapete the taluk headquarters, about 50 kilometres away from Madikeri, the headquarters of Coorg district and about 250 kilometres from Bengaluru. Subrahmanya Road and Sakaleshapura are the two nearest railway stations approximately 55 kilometres away. Mangaluru and Mysuru airports are the nearest airlinks about 150 kilometres away.

Nearby Places to See

Mookanamane Falls
Located about 30 kilometres away from Mallalli, it is a broad waterfall of nearly 100 feet width. During the monsoon when the river is overflowing it rolls over the entire width of the waterfall presenting a joyful sight.
Bisile Ghat Viewpoint
Located about 25 kilometres from Mallalli towards Kukke Subrahmanya, the fabulous viewpoint gives a spectacular view of the Kumaradhara valley and the Pushpagiri mountains. A 60-minute hike from this viewpoint takes the visitors to the peak of a hill named Kannadi Kallu located on the other side of the road.
Dubare Elephant Camp
Located about 50 kilometres away from Mallalli falls, this is the place where many captured elephants reside. It is a great place to know the giants and spend some gentle time with them. People of all ages usually make it a point to visit Dubare whenever they are in the vicinity.Kaveri Nisargadhama: At about 55 kilometres away from Mallalli falls is a place named Kaveri Nisargadhama, where the river Kaveri flows gently through deciduous forest cover. The forest department has created a great ambience here with all basic amenities and the place attracts a great number of tourists looking to spend some time amidst nature.