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Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra

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The town of Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra is a unique fusion of surreal beauty and colonial charm, nestled in the lovely hills and valleys of the Western Ghats. It is famous for its strawberry and mulberry farming. Mahabaleshwar, also known as the Queen of the Sahyadri Hills, is known for its winding lanes flanked by charming cottages with views of lush valleys and the sweet scent of strawberries. Awe-inspiring views of the lush mountain scenery are available from a number of breathtaking vantage points with endearing tales associated with them. The town’s historic district still retains its former grace and is home to the cow-shaped Mahadev temple. Even the name, Mahabaleshwar, alludes to a mighty deity. The town was founded around 1829, and during British rule, it served as the summer capital of the Bombay province.

Nearby Places to See

Tapola and Venna Lake
Tapola Lake, a backwater of the Koyna Dam, is a good place to go boating. So is the pretty Venna Lake, surrounded by trees on all sides. Both of these lakes offer a tranquil experience thanks to their luscious greenery and clear waters. Boating is quite fun, and visitors can also take in a stunning sunset while watching local birds soar over the glassy surface of the lake. The lake and the surrounding greenery make for some beautiful photos. With birds diving into and out of the water, Venna seems to come alive in the evenings.
Tapola and Venna Lake
Pratapgad Fort
Pratapgad Fort
The Pratapgad Fort, situated on the outskirts of Mahabaleshwar, is perched at a height of 1,100 feet above sea level and provides breathtaking views of the surrounding lush valleys and the intimidating mountain range. It is divided into two parts. Towers and bastions at each corner of the sprawling lower fort are 10–12 metres high. It is constructed on the eastern and southern terraces.
lingmala falls
Mahabaleshwar Temple
This ancient temple is a highly revered and significant religious site. The plain exterior walls of the temple are contrasted by the striking pyramidal tower. Sculptures can be found adorning the interior. There is a Shivalinga here that stands at a lofty 6 feet in height and was formed by nature.
Mahabaleshwar Temple