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Loktak Lake, Manipur

Been there recently?

Ever visited a lake whose surface area keeps varying? A lake with large masses of vegetation floating all over it? A lake that is high on the tourist list because of its unique nature and ecological importance? A lake declared a site of international importance? A lake that is the largest freshwater lake in the country and South Asia? Then Loktak Lake at Moirang Village is the place you need to head to. The uniform circular shapes that the floating masses of vegetation take leaves the visitors mesmerised. A boat ride through these masses, which look like islands, sailing right through them, is an experience to remember. Some of these floating islands have huts with people living in them! The lake attracts many birds, supports a variety of flora and a large number of fauna from nearby reserved forests depend on it. Make sure if you ever visit the northeast of India, this lake is on your “must visit” list. Its surface area keeps varying from 250 square kilometres to 480 square kilometres. Moirang village is about 17 kilometres from Bishnupur, the district headquarters, and approximately 45 kilometres from Imphal. The nearest rail head is at Dimapur in Nagaland about 245 kilometres away and Imphal is the nearest airport.

Nearby Places to See


Keibul Lamjao National Park
Manipur’s state animal, the Dancing Deer (or Sangai), can only be found in Keibul Lamjao National Park, which is located on the eastern shore of Loktak Lake. Eld’s deer, unique to Manipur, can also be spotted here. After beginning as a deer sanctuary in 1966, this area was elevated to national park status in 1977 to better protect Eld’s deer. It has a total area of about 40 square kilometres. Otters, hog deer, and a wide variety of birds call this park home.

INA Memorial
The Indian National Army’s flag was raised for the first time on April 14, 1944, at Moirang, where a memorial to the event now stands. This memorial has a lot of photos, personal stories, and other things to remember the service of the INA and the soldiers who died in the northeastern part of India.

Located roughly 17 kilometres from Moirang, Bishnupur is sure to impress any sightseers who make the trip. At least eight or ten magnificent terracotta temples were constructed there by the Malla dynasty in the seventeenth century. The multiple towers on the roofs of the beautiful temples are a distinguishing feature. Family-friendly activities can be enjoyed on Lakuoi Pat, a small lake not far from Bishnupur that is accessible by boat.

Sadu Chiru Waterfall
Sadu Chiru Waterfall, a 60-foot waterfall, can be reached after a 40-minute hike and is located about 35 kilometres from Moirang and 18 kilometres from Bishnupur. The forest stream plunges over the edge of a rocky cliff at the end of a narrow gorge, forming a picturesque waterfall.


Things to Buy

Things to buy at Moirang include Clothing, Local fruits, Honey.

Foods to Relish

At Moirang: Momos, Non- vegetarian Manipur delicacies.