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Lakkundi, Karnataka

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A village that once was a rich and grand city full of temples and wells has only a few of them left intact. These twenty-odd temples, tell a story of grandeur and culture that flourished back in the 10th century during the rule of the Kalyana Chalukyas. The Kashi Vishwanatha Temple is a masterclass in art, and so is the Naneshwara Temple. The large Basadi (Jain temple) of Attimabbe is an impressive structure as well. Every nook and corner of the village has an ancient temple in some state of decay, welcoming visitors. The Chandramouleshwara temple leaves visitors spellbound with intricate art on the ceiling. A thousand years ago, Lakkundi was known as Lokkigundi, and a royal mint was located here, which indicates that it was a major commerce and economic centre. Ancient coins found in various parts of the state have the seal ‘Lokki’, indicating their minting place. Many of the stepped wells have just vanished. Four of them have survived the travails of time and give the visitors a picture as to how the vanished ones probably looked. The more than 75 inscriptions found here reveal a great past that is unparalleled. The Archaeological Survey of India is making big efforts to promote the place as a historical tourist destination. Lakkundi is about 12 kilometres from the district headquarters in Gadag. The nearest rail connectivity is at Gadag, with Hubballi, 60 kilometres away, being the nearest air connection.

Nearby Places to See

Musukina Bavi
Musukina Bavi
It is a large stepwell that is artistically built with bridges, a mantapa, and small shrines around it. The small shrines are now empty. The front portion of the well has a mandapa built over the steps. This step well is located next to the Manikeshwara temple, a simple trikuta (three sanctums) temple.
Archaeological Museum at Lakkundi
Located near the Jain temple, the well maintained museum showcases a large number of damaged idols, temple parts, inscriptions, and other items found in the vicinity of Lakkundi. Information on the grand history of Lakkundi is also shared with visitors.
Located 14 kilometres away from Lakkundi, this village is home to a spectacularly styled temple of Dodda Basappa. This temple has a 24-pointed star-shaped plan, which gives its tower a unique look. Though the interiors of the temple are simple, it is the exterior that makes it the only one of its kind in the state of Karnataka.
Gadag Temples
The district headquarters, located 12 kilometres from Lakkundi, has the attractive Trikuteshwara and Saraswati temples. Located in the same precincts, the temples date back to the 10th or 11th century. The Saraswati temple has two pillars with top-class and highly ornate, stand-out designs.
Binkadakatte Zoo
Located on the outskirts of Gadag town at a place called Binkadakatte, about 17 kilometres from Lakkundi, it was established in 1972. This small zoo, spread over an area of only 16 square kilometres, also serves as a rehabilitation centre for rescued and injured animals.
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