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Kovalam, Kerala

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Three beautiful crescent-shaped beaches in Kovalam—Hawa Beach, Lighthouse Beach, and Samudra Beach—combine to form the 17 km long Kovalam Beach. It has palm groves lined along its white, sandy shores. Known for temples and sunsets, it is one of the must-visit places in Kerala that offers enchanting views of the ocean.

The clear stretches of sand and aquamarine waters are ideal for a relaxing vacation. The state authorities have made sure that Kovalam has a variety of recreational options, including swimming pools, Ayurvedic massage centres, herbal body-toning massages and health resorts, affordable cottages, shopping, convention zones, and yoga centres in order to cater to the large number of tourists it receives from both India and abroad. Here, unique cultural events like dance performances and concerts that highlight Kerala’s heritage are also organised.

Nearby Places to See

Rock Cut Cave Temple
This unusual temple is about 4 kilometres from Kovalam and was constructed in the 18th century. Shiva is depicted as Dakshinamurthi in the sanctum of this small temple. Unfinished sculptures of Shiva as Tripurantaka and Shiva and Parvati stand on either side of the sanctum door.
Vellayani Lake
It is a freshwater lake spanning over 7.5 acres and located 6 kilometres from the beach. The lake is famous for the Onam festival’s snake boat races. A relaxing day at the lake is enhanced by the sounds of birds, lotus flowers, and the breeze.
Neyyar Dam
This place, which was built in 1958 and is located across the Neyyar River, is a popular picnic spot with boating activities. The area offers a beautiful view because it is situated at the base of the Western Ghats, where small hills line the edge of the backwaters. It is 30 kilometres away from Kovalam.

Parashurama Temple
It is situated in Thiruvalla, which is about 6 kilometres from Kovalam. It is thought to be older than the fifth century and is the only temple in Kerala that is said to be dedicated to Parashurama.

Padmanabhaswamy Temple
It is the most well-known temple in Kerala and is situated 12 kilometres from Kovalam. The symmetrical tower stands out among the temple’s Dravida and Kerala-influenced architecture. Although there are no inscriptions mentioning this temple, references in the ancient scriptures indicate a history dating back 5000 years. The sculpture is exquisitely carved and shows the deity in a reclining position.

Things to Buy

Things to buy include Handicrafts & artefacts especially made of rosewood & teak wood,Batik lungis, sarongs & other handspun fabrics,Jewellery, hippie products & speciality items,Stylish mix of hard-to-find spices

Foods to Relish

Varutha Kozhi,Sadya,Puttu With Kadala Curry,Malabar Parotta,Idiyappam,Fish Curry