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Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh

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Kasauli is a charming hill station about 6 hours’ drive from Delhi, nestled between the larger cities of Kalka and Shimla. It’s the ideal spot to get away for the weekend. It offers unmatched panoramic views as it is tucked away within the Shivalik Range’s snow-capped peaks. This idyllic, fairy-tale town in Himachal Pradesh exudes an old-world charm that dates back to the time when it was founded as an army cantonment in 1842. According to folklore, Kasauli got its name from a flower called “Kasool” that can be found in the hills. It is the setting for colonial tales, with its wide-ranging colonial bungalows, charming cottages hidden among oak and pine trees, cobbled pathways, serene churches, and little gift shops. Bungalows from the Raj period that have been renovated into inns and hotels allow visitors to experience this historic culture firsthand. Kasauli has an abundant supply of flora and fauna thanks to its lush green mountains, which are home to a wide range of bird and animal species.

Nearby Places

Christ Church
Christ Church, one of Himachal Pradesh’s most well-known and historic churches, was built in 1853 by British families residing in and around Kasauli. This brick and wood church is considered to be a unique blend of Gothic and Indian styles. It is located near Sadar Bazaar in the town. Due to its picturesque design and allure, people of all faiths frequent the church’s grey building, which is built in the shape of a cross. Visitors are nonetheless brought back to the time when the British stayed here because of the location’s simplicity.
Gurkha Fort
This fort is at Subathu, 21 kilometres from Kasauli. It is situated on an elevated platform northwest of the city centre at an altitude of 1437 metres above sea level. The fort was built by Gurkhas in the 19th century. Subathu is a permanent military station with many Gurkha training centres.
Sunset Point
Sunset Point is one of the best spots to catch sweeping panoramas of the surroundings as the sun sets. It is also well-liked by astronomers and sky watchers because one can see constellations and stars clearly at night. The point is a great place to take in the surrounding natural beauty, with its pine-lined vistas, picturesque valleys, and picturesque trails. Visitors can also take peaceful nature strolls along Lover’s Lane, a path that winds through breathtaking scenery.
Monkey Point
Monkey Point, the town’s highest point, is perched atop a hill at a height of 6,500 feet. On a clear and sunny day, visitors can enjoy this picturesque view of the town and the city of Chandigarh. Here, a temple honouring Lord Hanuman welcomes visitors from all over the region. According to legend, Kasauli’s hilltop was touched by Lord Hanuman as he was returning with the “sanjeevini boot” (divine medicine) for Lord Lakshmana. The hilltop is remarkably shaped like a foot.
Gilbert Nature Trail
It is a scenic, narrow path with the mountain on one side and the valley on the other. This 2 kilometres long trail is away from the noise of the city, and offers a great view of nature. It is an ideal place to walk in peace.
Timber Trail
In Parwanoo, about 30 kilometres from Kasauli, Timber Trail is a well-liked tourist destination that is spread over two hills. The picturesque Kaushalya river cuts through the picturesque pine forests that surround it. This charming place can be reached by cable car, which gives you amazing views of the nearby hills, narrow gorges, and huge rocks. While dining al fresco on a terrace, one can enjoy stunning sunset views from Timber Trail.
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