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Kasaragod, Kerala

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Kasaragod, located at the northern tip of Kerala is a land of rivers with more than 10 rivers flowing all around the district. The friendly and thriving city is historic, religious, multicultural, rich in nature and has a lot to offer to tourists. For ardent travellers, the district has variety, in terms of history, architecture and nature. A daring traveller has the option to explore the waterfalls and hills in the dense forests of the western ghats. Kasaragod has witnessed the evolution of temple architecture as is evident from the presence of different styles of temples. This underrated tourist destination has the power and substance to overwhelm you. July to March is the best time to visit Kasaragod. Kasaragod, which is well connected by rail routes, is about 48 kilometres by rail from Mangaluru, Karnataka. The nearest airport is at Bajpe near Mangaluru, approximately 60 kilometres away.

Nearby Places to See

Chandragiri Fort
This beautiful fort is located on the banks of Payaswini River overlooking the place where the river merges with the sea. This fort, like the other two mentioned above, was constructed by Keladi king Shivappa Nayak during the 17th century. Boat trips on the river are available nearby.
Chandragiri Fort
Kundamkuzhy Fort
Located about 24 kilometres from Kasaragod in the Kundamkuzhy village, it is a small fort. The walls and other main structures remain. Constructed by the Keladi rulers during the 17th century, the fort houses a large Shiva temple.
Madhuru Temple
The Madanantheshwara Siddhivinayaka temple at Madhuru village about 8 kilometres from Kasaragod is popularly known as Madhuru temple. The beautiful apsidal temple of three tiers is one of a kind. It is located on the banks of Madhuvahini (aka Mogral) river.
Ranipuram Hills
Ranipuram Hills
Located approximately 65 kilometres away from Kasaragod towards the east close to the Karnataka border is this heaven of a place called Ranipuram. A comfortable hike leads to the viewpoint or to the top of the nearby peak and the view of the western ghats is worth the trouble.
Kanwateertha Beach
Located about 33 kilometres away from Kasaragod, near Manjeshwara, this long beach is a beautiful shallow beach frequented by people looking for a serene and secluded place.
Hosadurg Fort
Located 27 kilometres from Kasaragod towards south, in the town of Kanhangad, it is a small fort, with some parts dilapidated. The bastions are still holding.
Bekal Fort
Bekal Fort
This fort is Ingeniously constructed on a rocky bed located on a slight turn the seashore takes. The natural curve has given the fort a tremendous advantage. Overlooking the sea, the 17th century fort has a tunnel leading outside and a water tank. Said to be built by Keladi king Shivappa Nayaka in the year 1650, it is the largest fort of Kerala. An added advantage to this place is the beautiful half-circular beach named Bekal Fort beach.