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Karwar, Karnataka

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If you are a beach lover, then do not think twice. Head straight to Karwar and the town has all types of beaches in its vicinity that would leave you amazed. Stuck in a small piece of land that is blocked on all four sides by nature, the city has remained unchanged for decades. So have the beaches! The pristine beaches besotted even Rabindranath Tagore who said that he witnessed the best sunset of his life here. Though some of the beautiful land beaches and island beaches were lost for good for the Seabird Naval Base Project, Karwar still has many outstanding beach stretches to surprise beach lovers. If you want to try something else other than beaches, then hire a boat and zoom away on the Kali River upstream or into the sea and towards one of the many islands a small distance off the coast. The surprise package of Karwar is the presence of waterfalls and hill peaks on the outskirts which should interest trek enthusiasts. The numerous mini dams with lovely viewpoints on the other side of the river make Karwar even more interesting. All in all, Karwar is a complete package waiting for you to be explored.

Nearby Places to See

Devbagh Beach
Located at the spot where the Kali River joins the sea, this beautiful and clean beach is one of the best beaches of Karnataka. A stream flows parallel to the beach and merges with Kali River just before it joins the sea. The estuary created by this stream runs all along the beach thus giving the place a great ambiance.
Devbagh Beach
Tilmati Beach
Located next to Majali beach, this small beach of less than 50 metres in length has black-coloured sand. Til-mati in the local language Konkani means Sesame-mud. As the sand resembles black sesame seeds it is called Tilmati beach. A hike for about 20 minutes along the rocky edges of a mountain on the far-right end of the Majali beach leads to this beach.
Rabindranath Tagore Beach
Karwar town is on this beach. From here, Rabindranath Tagore witnessed the most beautiful sunset of his life. This long and beautifully decked up beach has a National Highway passing next to it. A missile boat of the Indian Navy, INS Chapal is on show at a museum at this beach.
Sadashivgad Fort
Located atop a hill overlooking the right bank of Kali River just before it joins the sea, is this fort built by the Sonda kings. Some parts of the small fort remain along with a cannon.
Other Beaches
Kadamba, Yadav, Elena, Mahaveer, Mountain, Mudaga, and Gabtiwada, Binaga are the other beaches near Karwar. Of these, Kadamba and Elena beaches are small beaches with beautiful natural settings. Mountain and Yadav beaches are located between hills that are outstretched into the sea. Gabtiwada beach is another lovely beach whereas Harwada beach is great for sunset viewing.
Kurmagad Island
Located off the coast of Karwar at a distance of about 4-5 kilometres, it is a small island with a temple of Bhagawan Narasimha. The temple fair is held once a year and only on that day people are allowed on this island.
Shirve Gudda
This hill is near Mallapur town 30 kilometres away from Karwar. A hike of approximately 75 minutes is needed to reach the peak. The Backwaters of Kadra dam, forests of the western ghats, Kali River and the sea all make up a great view from the summit.
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