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Kanatal, Uttarakhand

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Located close to a famous and high-traffic hill station, Kanatal is a small village with big surprises. The drive down the valley with its forested slopes and large mountains is in itself a memorable welcome to the village. Like any other hill station, Kanatal too has pleasant weather and nature lovers would love this place for the natural settings around. If you are a camper who loves the outdoors and adventure activities, then rush to Kanatal! The many camping trails and a lot of adventure activities will keep you hooked on the place. Winter is usually the best time to visit Kanatal, as it snows and transforms the beautiful landscape into a magical one. Major festivals too are celebrated during the winter, and the local fervour and traditions can be witnessed and understood.

Nearby Places to See


Surkanda Devi Temple
This sacred Shaktipeetha temple, dedicated to the goddess Surkanda Devi, can be found on a hilltop about 14 kilometres from Kanatal. You can either take a ropeway up to the temple or hike up for an hour. The recently opened ropeway provides breathtaking views of the valley below, while the trail winds through pine forests and, despite being exhausting, provides a fresh, natural revitalization.
Located 14 kilometres away from Kanatal is the quaint village of Dhanaulti. This majestic town, located at an elevation of nearly 8,000 feet, can hold its own against any hill station. Here in this area, the forest service has established an eco-park that makes for a wonderful place to spend time with loved ones. There are also hiking paths and exciting things to do in the park.
The well-known Indian hill station of Mussoorie is only about 48 kilometres from Kanatal. Being a popular tourist destination would lead to an increase in attractions and venues catering to visitors. The greater variety of stores in Mussoorie makes it a better shopping destination than Kanatal.
Kaudia Forest Trail
You can visit the Kaudia Forest Trail, an eco park built within a natural pine forest just a couple of kilometres away on the outskirts of Kanatal. The extended pathway is ideal for those who wish to take their time while exploring the outdoors. The extended pathway is ideal for those who wish to take their time while exploring the outdoors.
Tehri Dam
To the north, on the Bhagirathi River, the massive New Tehri Dam that was completed in 2006 is clearly visible. The dam and the water sports at Tehri Lake (backwaters), which are located 35 kilometres from Kanatal, make for a fun evening out.


Things to Buy

Things to buy at Chamba (14 kilometres away) include Shawls, Footwear, Rumal (embroidered handkerchief or head cover), Jams, Honey, Bamboo baskets.

Foods to Relish

Pahadi Food (the food preparation style that is prevalent among people living in the hills), Chana Madra (chickpeas in curds).