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Kalaburagi, Karnataka

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After being a cultural and dharmic centre under the Rashtrakutas, Kalyana Chalukyas, Yadavas, and Kakatiyas, Kalaburagi came under the control of the Bahmani Sultans, who promptly imposed their dominant ideology on the city, and the remnants of it are what we get to see today, partly covering the city. The Sharana Basaveshwara temple in the heart of the city, built nearly 200 years ago, stands tall among all the religious structures. The district stands testimony to the glorious rule of the Kalyana Chalukyas, whose capital city, Kalyana, was not far off. The strong cultural heritage in the form of amazing ancient temples in the rural areas, is a testimony to a vibrant society that existed. A traveller who loves history, monuments, and ancient temples must surely head for Kalaburagi. August to December is the best time to visit Kalaburagi. The city is approximately 570 kilometres away from Bengaluru and about 230 kilometres away from Hyderabad. The city has a well-connected rail station and a domestic airport. The nearest international airport is in Hyderabad.

Nearby Places to See

Haft Gumbaz
Located in the old areas of the city, here the visitors can see 3-4 equal sized large buildings that are the tombs of the Bahmani kings who ruled from Kalaburagi before the capital was shifted to Bidar. Chor Gumbaz is another structure located on an elevated place. It is a strange building that is neither a tomb nor a structure of any significance. But still, it is worth a visit for its beautiful standalone construction.
Haft Gumbaz
Sharana Basaveshwara Temple
This temple, built over 200 years ago, houses the Samadhi of a revered Swamiji. Built using both the white and the black marble, the impressive structure that we see today is the rebuilt temple. The vast precincts with gardens and a lot of trees are a pleasant place to spend some quiet time.
Located 40 kilometres away Kalagi is a village that houses several ancient temples. Of these temples, barring one rest, are in various stages of decay. The sculptures and architecture of these temples attract many temple lovers to the city, but the continuous neglect by the concerned authorities and the apathy of the people towards these temples have kept them in the dark.
The small fort was originally built by the Kakatiya kings and later usurped by the Bahmanis. The fort has its ramparts and bastions intact, with one of the bastions holding a cannon. The Jamia mosque within the fort is an impressive building built in 1367. An ancient temple of Someshwara is attached to the outer walls of the fort. This temple is dilapidated with no maintenance and has some well-designed pillars. Buddha Vihar: It is a large area that is more used to spend weekends by the locals. The farms and the quaint structure of the Buddha Vihar were inaugurated by the Dalai Lama. The large area has been developed into a good picnic spot.
Korantee Hanuman Temple
An attractive, large statue of Hanuman welcomes the devotees and visitors to the temple. The temple located within the city was built about 150 years ago. City folks refer to Hanuman as “Guarantee Hanuman”, because he guaranteed the fulfilment of any wish made to the God.
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