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Jog Falls, Karnataka

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Jog Falls is a stunning waterfall on the Sharavathi River in the Western Ghats of Karnataka’s Shivamogga District. In addition to being the second-highest plunge waterfall in Asia, these are the highest waterfalls in the entire state. The waterfall’s plunge is dependent on the region receiving enough rain during the monsoon season. The roaring beauty of the Sharavathi River as it plummets from the lush green forests surrounding the falls is something that can only be experienced firsthand. The height of the mighty falls is approximately 253 metres. After the initial drop, the river branches into four separate water streams known locally as Raja, Rani, Roarer, and Rocket. The Sharavathi River’s ferocious flow is calmed by the Linganamakki Dam, which is located directly behind the falls and stores vast quantities of the river’s water. Those in search of adventure can either take a long hike to the base of the falls or descend the thousand or so steps to the rocky pool below. Rainbows can frequently be seen forming in the mist above the pool. In Kannada, “jog” means “fall,” and this lush tourist destination is one of the most popular and scenic during the monsoon season, when the waterfall is at its most spectacular.

Nearby Places to See

The second-tallest statue of Lord Shiva in the entire world can be found in this quaint town. The magnificent Arabian Sea and the lush Western Ghats serve as a stunning backdrop, heightening the experience’s sublime and grandiose quality. One of the cleanest beaches in the Konkan region is Murudeshwar Beach, which has clear white sand. Murudeshwar also provides a wide range of other options for adventurers, including beaches, water sports, snorkelling, hiking, and historical sites close by.
A large section of the Sharavathi River’s backwaters surrounds this village. This is a popular spot for thrill-seekers when the water in the Linganamakki dam reaches a certain level. Located roughly 20 kilometres from the Jog Falls, the events are open to the public.
Tungabhadra Dam
It is a dam constructed across the Tunga River and is located in Gajanuru, about 12 kilometres from Shivamogga city and about 110 kilometres from Jog Falls. The dam’s backwaters are protected as part of the Shettyhalli Wildlife Sanctuary, and access to the dam is limited.
Tavarekoppa Lion – Tiger Reserve
It is about 10 kilometres from Shivamogga city and about 100 kilometres from Jog Falls, and it covers an area of about 250 hectares. The reserve opened in 1988, and it is well-known for its safari rides, on which visitors can see big cats like lions and tigers as well as a wide variety of other animals and birds.
About 35 kilometres from Jog is the historic and culturally significant city of Sagara. The Marikamba Temple and the Ikkeri Aghoreshwara Temple are well-known shrines. Amazing temples constructed by the Keladi kings can be found in the nearby communities of Ikkeri, Keladi, and Nadakalasi.
It is a charming community steeped in history. In Saunda, the Sode kings constructed a large number of temples. A few of the temples they built are in Siris as well. The stunning Marikamba Temple, the main and most well-known temple in this location, holds one of the largest temple fairs in Karnataka every two years. This town is known for its connection to the Sode King Sadashiva Raya legend. One of his contributions to the city is the mystical Musukina Bavi, a little well with arched doorways.